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Anyone who rolls will tell you that one of the most annoying part of rolling choosing a functional rolling surface. Some people prefer using a binder or an old phone book to save money.

However, choosing a nice sized rolling tray with the right tools and accessories can make it not only easier to roll your weed, but also make the experience feel more classy and impressive.

Someday, its likely that smoking marijuana after dinner with house guests will be no different than opening a bottle of Bordeaux. There are many marijuana trays in the market.

However, not all of these trays are created equal for the best joint rolling experience. Here are what we consider the top 3 cannabis trays in the market.

#1. The Stashtray by Myster

This is the best cannabis rolling tray on the market. It has many features that other trays do not have. Its stainless steel construction makes it look and feel like you are buying a premium product right from the start. The Stashtray comes with a useful pipe Spike for cleaning cashed bowls.

The upper part of the device functions as a bowl holder, allowing the user to fit 14 mm and 18 mm pieces to pack rather than trying to pack them at an angle while being attached to a glass bong. The tray also has a magnetized grinder, and storage container for herb that can be conveniently used in conjunction with the clever finger ramp so nothing gets wasted.

There are magnetic stickers included as well for someone to accessorize their own tray with whatever they like such as rolling papers or Myster’s Fogpen.

Another innovative feature in the Stashtray is the book box. This box allows you to put everything away and keep the tray hidden from view if you choose. Whether you are looking to keep your goodies away from the kids or show off a new coffee table centerpiece, this Myster tray is pretty badass.

#2. Raw Rolling Tray

The design of this weed rolling could be described as simple. The tray is square and is available in three sizes. The small tray measure 11’’x 7’’, while the large trays measure 14’’x11’’.

There is also an XXL version that measures 20’’x15’’. This choice of sizes allows you to have a tray size that can fully serve your needs. If you want to roll many joints, you can go for the large or XXL size. Raw rolling trays are non-stick and they can stay dry even when littered with the dankest of herb.

The small trays are easily portable. This means that you can carry your weed rolling helper with you everywhere you go. The trays are sturdy, meaning they can serve you for a long period without the need of replacement. The price for the trays varies depending on size.

The small trays are obviously cheaper than the larger ones. If you’re looking for something very basic without the exciting accessories and powerful design that the Myster Stashtray has, then this could be a cheaper option for you.

#3. Wolf Productions T4 deluxe golden maple rolling box

This tray comes with a large compartment of accessories to allow easy storage. This also helps you to have good organization of your accessories. The organization makes it easy for you to pick the tools when preparing your joint.

The lid has a Kingsize Slim paper holder that is built on the underside of the lid. The paper holder is attached to the underside with a magnet. There is also a V block with a removable compartment beneath it. All these compartments help the user in organizing the rolls. The tray is wooden and well finished to make rolling of joints easy. Wood also makes this cannabis tray durable.

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  • Cameron Waters

    🖤 -I ordered the Stash Tray Bundle for my best friend, who is also the smoker in my life. It came today and we were super pleased with the quality and overall look of the tray, case and accessories. I wish they had a brushed silver holder for rolling papers. (I believe I saw one on the Vice show featuring the products. Could be wrong) I love the clean style and sleek look to the system. It is impressive guys! Thanks bunchies!!!
    Rating this cool product with
    four hundred & twenty hearts!!!🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
    Happy Happy New Year!!!

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