The Pen to Fogpens


There are a number of famous movies such as the Shawshank redemption that portray victims who were sentenced to significant time behind bars, for crimes that they didn’t commit.

Less than 15 years ago that Davis Clayton Kiyo, founder of Myster, was facing a mandatory minimum of 10 years in federal prison for smuggling 100+ lbs. of marijuana into the United States.  That’s a decade behind bars in the prime of a young man’s life for trying to sell some plants that grow naturally in the ground.  

This was all made possible because states receive funding from the government based on federal prosecutions that they make stick from their jurisdictions. So Montana saw an opportunity to charge over 40 people, including many like Davis that had never even stepped foot in Montana with a conspiracy charge to smuggle marijuana.

And its not just marijuana, but of course other substances fall under this same question.  As Jay-Z infamously raps about in his song 99 problems, he was just seconds away from getting locked up in prison for having cocaine in his car.   He slipped away right before the K-9 arrived, and never looked back.   

With the majority of America now feeling that its only a matter of time before marijuana becomes legalized over the next couple of decades through the country, it begs the question:  When is the time when we have to seriously consider ending the practice of jailing our citizens for selling a plant or committing other non-violent crimes?

Today, Davis Kiyo has flipped the script on the industry and is getting his redemption. He is using his same creative brain and love of cannabis to create industry-first state of the art products. When asked why he has chosen this, his reasoning is simple, “I want to do my part to legalize this amazing industry and product that helps millions of connoisseurs each day live better lives. Inventing innovative products like the Stashtray and Lifted View helps shatter stereotypes about the cannabis community for so many years.  It takes it into the same realm as something like wine that can be consumed safely, and its users can be proud of."

Maybe we should start thinking twice before  throwing kids and young adults in cages for decades for these non-violent drug crimes.   We might just lose our next productive member of society...

Ben Kovacs
Ben Kovacs


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