Music Monday - Legalize It

This week on Myster's Music Monday, we will be taking it all the way back to 1976. Here we find Peter Tosh and his very own cannabis anthem, "Legalize It". This song is from Tosh's first solo record after leaving The Wailers. He wrote it to respond to the police and political figures in Jamaica and to push for legalization of the plant, especially for medical use. Suppressing the song failed and only led to fueling fame internationally for Tosh. 

I am particularly partial to this song as it was the avenue in which I was first introduced to marijuana in my younger years. Here we are, almost 40 years later, and still having the same conversation. I tend to think that if Tosh was here today, he would start each day with Lifted View and have an appreciation for Myster products like the Stashtray or even a hand woven blunt wrap.

It's time already... LEGALIZE IT! 

Iris Weston
Iris Weston


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