Benefits of Rolling Trays – Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Benefits of Rolling Trays – Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Whether you’ve recently started smoking up or have been doing it for some time – being able to roll up a joint is the ultimate mark of a skilled stoner.

But it can be messy, especially if you’ve just started practicing the art of rolling a joint. What’s more, many smokers are often criticized for leaving their rolling accessories lying around the room.

That’s where a rolling tray comes in. It is a convenient tool that offers a flat surface where you can easily roll a blunt without wasting your valuable stash.

These rolling trays are perfect for people who struggle with rolling an ideal joint without creating a mess. They also come in handy for storing smoking accessories that can be easily misplaced.

If you are still on the fence about getting one for yourself, we are here to tell you some of the most compelling benefits of a rolling tray.

7 Benefits Of A Rolling Tray For Smokers

Rolling trays are the perfect accessory to roll the perfect blunt. Here are some of the benefits of having one:

Offers A Flat, Comfortable Space

Let’s start with the most significant benefit of buying a rolling tray – its ability to make the art of rolling easy for you. The tray is shaped so that it doesn’t let the crumbs fall over and cause a mess. It either collects the weed in the middle of the tray or on top of the blunt wrap. 

Moreover, the flat and even surface makes it easy for you to move the paper and weed while grinding and rolling a blunt without spilling the herbs on yourself or other surfaces.

Extra Sections And Gadgets

Some rolling trays are equipped with additional compartments that can be used to store weed or joints that you made earlier. They also offer sections for storing small accessories that can be easily lost or misplaced, such as filters, papers, lighters, etc.

You can also get a rolling tray kit that comes with pre-arranged joint rolling papers and other gadgets. In addition to this, the rolling kits also include grinders, travel cases, and even storage containers.

Make Your Table Mess-Free

It becomes a lot easier to organize your smoking space when you can store all the accessories in one place. 

This leaves your room clean and pristine. Whether you have roommates or kids running around the place, rest assured that they’ll never be able to break into your stash as long as it’s locked away in a rolling tray. 

Get Rid Of Ash And Crumbs

As a regular spliff smoker, you know that dropped herb crumbs cause a lot of mess on the rolling surface. This means you will not be able to roll a cleanly-wrapped joint, and you might spend most of your time cleaning the mess. 

But a rolling tray saves your time as its shape prevents you from spilling weed all over the table surface and the floor. There’s plenty of room in a rolling tray where you can easily roll a blunt without spilling ash and crumbs all over the place.

Show-Stopping Designs 

Rolling trays come in various designs and detailing bound to make it the perfect conversation piece anytime guests come over. Sporting a wood-chiseled look or a minimalistic metal design, rolling trays can become the stars of your smoking sessions.

Protects Your Precious Stash

Getting a rolling tray for your weed is just like getting insurance for your car. It is the sure-shot way of protecting and storing your valuable stash and smoking accessories. 

We all know that weed doesn’t come cheap, which is why the shape of a rolling tray ensures that nothing falls over the surface.

Browse Through Several Options

Rolling trays are available in a variety of materials that you can choose from. Metal trays are the most affordable and sturdy, while wooden and glass rolling trays offer various designs and detailing.

With so many options, you can easily find a rolling tray that suits your taste.

Get Yourself A Stashtray By Myster

If you are searching for a comprehensive rolling tray that offers all these benefits and more, Stashtray by Myster is the right choice for you. You get the ease and functionality of a rolling tray, alongside advanced features that will make your life easy.

The Stashtray comes with a storage pod, a four-part aluminum grinder, and an ashtray. You can also clean the Stashtray easily as it comes with a pipe spike that you can use to clean the bowl once you’re done rolling.

When it comes to design and detailing, the Stashtray comes with two hand-welded sheets with a mirror finish and sonic welding around the lens that seals the container well. This magnetic feature makes the Stashtray a functional traveling tool where you store all your smoking accessories.

Now that you know all the reasons you need a rolling tray in your life make sure to get the best rolling tray that allows you to roll the perfect J.


Written By: Ian Haynes

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