Rolling Trays—Helping You Make That Perfect Joint!

Myster Rolling Tray

Smoking is a unique experience in itself. With a joint, you get to practice the art of filling, rolling, and folding it. However, rolling the perfect joint is not as easy as it seems. 

You need a flat surface for starters to make sure that you get to grind and mix the right way without wasting any stuff. Also, you need a sanitary and clean area to ensure that your joint does not contain any impurities.

We recommend investing in a rolling tray to streamline your joint rolling sessions while keeping the area clean. Let’s dive into more details and how it can make your joints more fun.

How Does A Rolling Tray Simplify The Process Of Rolling A Joint?

A rolling tray might not be your priority when buying accessories as they do not seem as essential as a rolling paper or a grinder. But expert rollers will have you know that they make the entire process of rolling a joint a lot easier and tidy.

For starters, they allow you to grind and roll your weed on a clean and hygienic surface without making a mess. Let’s be honest here: how many of us can roll a spliff quickly and neatly? At the same time?

In fact, many avid smokers need all the help they can get, and getting a rolling tray is the first step to admitting it. 

Now, as the name suggests, it is a flat tray where you can nicely lay out the paper, grind your cannabis, fill it up, roll it off and light it up! However, it’s interesting to note that modern rolling trays also have lockable compartments where you can store the blunt wraps, your weed, the grinder, and other accessories. 

So once you get yourself a rolling tray, you’ll no longer have to wonder where you left that lighter! Also, good weed is expensive, and we know you don’t want to waste it at all. With a rolling tray, you can catch any leftovers and use them in the next one. 

All in all, it offers a safe and hygienic space for you to master the art of rolling and marvel over the perfect blunt you just rolled. And since it is portable, you can now easily make a joint over your coffee table, in your car, or even on your desk without worrying about the mess.

Types Of Rolling Trays

Not all rolling trays are made the same. Several different types of rolling trays in the market are certainly far better than using your computer desk or even an upturned Frisbee.  

They can be made of metal, wood, bamboo, plastic, and even glass. Let’s dive into further details:

Metal Trays

This is the most sturdy and affordable option out there. Made out of metal sheets, they are available in various sizes and designs for you to choose from. Not only this, but they also make for the perfect collector’s item.

Glass Trays

You can get your hands on some heavy-duty, thick glass trays that can surely stand the test of time. But they offer less practicality than metal trays.

Wooden Trays

Wooden trays come in various shapes, sizes, and designs with impeccable details carved from planed wood. But with such unique detailing and features, wooden trays lie on the pricey side than their plastic and metal counterparts.

Plastic Trays

They are an all-purpose, economical option, but they are not as sturdy as wood or metal. Plastic rolling trays offer more functional features, storage space, and can be easily carried while traveling.

The Best Rolling Trays In The Market

Here’s a list of the best rolling trays with several compartments and gadgets incorporated for enhanced functionality.

Stashtray By Myster

The Stashtray is not just a rolling tray; it is the dream rolling kit of every weed enthusiast out there. It comes with a storage box, a four-part aluminum grinder, and even an ashtray. It also has a pipe spike that allows you to clean the bowl once you are done rolling.

Cookies Rolling Tray 2.0

Cookies rolling tray has two sections; one is used for rolling the joint while the other serves as a removable ashtray. It has a nice, minimal look that features several holes to hold your joints. The model even comes with a bigger hole for holding a ready to go blunt.

Raw Backflip Magnetic Bamboo Rolling Tray

This is a quality rolling tray made from bamboo. The design features several sections and gadgets to store your weed and rolling papers when the tray is closed. You can even keep your rolled joints in the predesigned holes in the tray.

OCB Premium Metal Rolling Tray

This metal tray features a sleek and modern design while offering plenty of room to roll a joint without dropping your valuable stash. It is a durable model available in medium size that serves the needs of all weed lovers.

And That’s A Wrap

Whether you are a casual smoker or an experienced stoner, you need a rolling tray in your life. Get the sturdiest rolling tray that offers several features and a minimal and unique design to enhance your smoking experience. Check out more of our products for a diverse range of smoking accessories!


Written By: Ian Haynes

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