Things To Consider When Buying A Rolling Tray

Things To Consider When Buying A Rolling Tray

If you’re a weed smoker, you probably know all about joints or blunts. They are the most preferred way of consuming cannabis for smokers.

Unlike a bong, you don’t need to carry a pipe, or any heavy equipment with you to smoke a joint. You can carry rolling paper and some weed in your pocket and easily roll up a joint on the go.

Whether you want a thick, long, short, or small joint, it’s easy to control how much weed you’re consuming every time.

Anybody who consumes weed regularly can be poetic about the therapeutic effects of rolling a joint—kind of like how tea aficionados claim that brewing their tea is a large part of their experience.

It’s like Pavlov’s conditioning. Taking out the rolling paper, laying out the weed, and rolling up a doobie before taking a hit just adds to the experience of getting high.

But where do you keep all your paraphernalia?

Well, there is a quick fix to it. It’s a handy little knick-knack called a rolling tray. You can fit all your smoking paraphernalia into it and get to rolling a joint as and when you want to.

What to Look for in Rolling Trays

You can find all kinds of rolling trays in the market. Though the original purpose of rolling trays is to provide a flat rolling surface, the best rolling trays include supplementary features like pockets for storing weed.

Rolling joints can be a messy business, and you don’t want to stain the floor. Nor do you want to lose the scissors, filters, or papers. Worse yet, you don’t want your precious weed to fall out during the rolling process.

And those are just some of the reasons why you should invest in a rolling tray.

Here are some essential features you should consider before buying one:


Rolling trays come in various sizes. Most people prefer a small rolling tray because they’re easy to carry around! You can take them with you on trips and roll a joint on the go.

But here’s the catch – smaller trays don’t give you enough workspace for making a joint, especially if you like to roll several of them at a time.

And they don’t come with fancy features like compartments for storing all your smoking paraphernalia.

Before buying a rolling tray, you need to ask yourself how much space you need for rolling? A sizeable rolling tray would better allow you to roll many joints in one go and keep the goods safe when you don’t need them. But if you prefer rolling on the go, a smaller rolling tray that can fit any flat surface would suit you better.


Rolling trays are made from several different types of materials that can affect their durability and utility.

Metal trays are often collector’s items–they are durable, functional, and reasonably priced. However, the downside is that they can be challenging to clean and easily rust. Also, if you’re used to taking your rolling trays with you on the go, they can be heavy to carry around.

Wooden rolling trays can often feature colorful designs and artworks as the material allows for more intricate detailing on the surface. Wooden trays cost more than plastic and metal trays but they usually have compartments and other exciting features, so they’re worth the investment.

However, they can be a bit heavy, making them difficult to carry around. But for many people, it’s worth the effort because they can house a lot.

Plastic trays are the best rolling trays because they are the most convenient and cheapest  trays. They’re not as durable as metal or wood, but they’re easily replaceable because of the low cost. These are easy to take with you on any trip or even for your daily travels, making them the most commonly used rolling trays.


You don’t want a rolling tray that will end up costing you an arm and a limb. In fact, the cost should help you strike a balance between functionality and design.

Most metal rolling trays of average size will cost you anything from $3 to $6 – the larger ones can even go upwards of $10. The cheaper ones offer nothing more than basic functionality, so don’t expect a stellar design and additional features. 

This works for many smokers who are only looking for a functional tray. Naturally, metal trays with additional features are expensive, some even going up to $30! Look out for metal rolling trays with magnetic ashtray on sale- some weed shops like to give them away on discounted rates on off seasons.

Wooden trays are usually expensive, starting at $20 and going all the way to $100. But the thing to note here is that wooden trays almost always have additional value-added features like rolling tips slots, rolling paper slots, and grinder slots. Many people also tend to prefer wood or bamboo trays because they’re natural.

The best rolling trays come with storage spaces, i.e., compartments to store weed, rolling paper, and other paraphernalia.

Some rolling trays feature removable ashtrays on the side for easy cleaning. In comparison, others have holes to keep your blunt in place upright. If you like to keep your gear organized and out of sight, consider a two-piece rolling tray that features a hidden compartment.

Newer trays are coming up with many high-end accessories. It’s really up to you to find one that’s worth your money.

Look Out For Stashstray By Myster 

Consider investing in the Stashstray by Myster. It’s not just a rolling tray; it’s a rolling kit!

It is a godsend for smokers, as everything necessary for rolling is is one place, thanks to a cohesive system of magnetized modules. The attention-to-detail makes it a perfect pick to take your rolling experience to another level, without making a mess!

The Stashstray features a storage pod, a high-quality four-part aluminum grinder, and a mini magnetic ashtray. And for easy cleaning, it comes with a pipe spike that allows you to clean your bowl once you are done rolling.

It comes equipped with two hand-welded sheets, a mirror finish, and sonic welding around the lens, making for a container that seals exceptionally well. Its magnetic feature makes it an efficient traveling tool where you can store all your smoking paraphernalia without any worries.

Get yourself a rolling tray that stores all your smoking knick-knacks in one place and smoke on the go. If there’s any rolling tray that makes a smoker’s life easier, it’s the Stashstray!

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