Fogpen Dry Herb & Wax Cartridges


Plant cartridges can be ordered with the case for easy portability and accessibility.

We are happy to offer the improved Dry Herb, Pollen & Wax Cartridges for the Fogpen Battery.  Here we offer a full set of 5 Cartridges with a compact black case.  No more hunting for cartridges or essential oils to use with your Fogpen.  Now you can pack dry plant or pollen into our easy to fill cartridges!  Each cartridge will allow the user to get 3-4 hits depending on the density.  Quickly pack up all 5 cartridges into this case and you are covered!

No more dumping or cleaning out a vaporizer while you are on the go!  Just head out with this discreet case and you are good for the day/night.

510 threading for use with other batteries.  

Case Size - 4 inches x 2.5 inches x 0.75 inches


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