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Marijuana and Adderall: A Dangerous Combination

August 20, 2015

Is taking Marijuana and Adderall safe?  By Neil Roy, MD The other day a patient of mine, lets call him Derek (names have been changed to... Read More


August 20, 2015

When know many of our customers, especially college students take adderall.   Check out the post by our friend Dr. Neil from Myster's sister company,... Read More

The Next 5 US states to legalize marijuana...

July 11, 2015

  For the marijuana industry, 2014 was a milestone year. It saw the United States, softening their stance on pot, with Colorado becoming the first... Read More

Does Marijuana Make You More Creative?

February 22, 2015

  Marijuana has been popular forever. It has gained even more popularity in the last few years due to some states making it legal. People... Read More