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10 Innovative Ways To Use Cannabis This Christmas

10 Innovative Ways To Use Cannabis This Christmas

Undoubtedly, 2020 will go down as one of the craziest years we have witnessed. We didn't live but survived this year, from whispers of the third world war to crazy wildfires. Everyone was locked inside their homes, which led to discovering some of the most notable trends. Finally, when we have entered December, all we want is Merry Christmas for everyone.

The holiday season brings joy and a lot of gifts. For everyone, exchanging gifts is the best part of Christmas, which means you have to buy something sweet and unique for your loved ones. Selecting a perfect one from the thousands of options is a task itself. So, if you are planning on giving something memorable to someone this year, you can include cannabis in your gift package.

Yes, the USA has legalized weed, and you can include it in this year’s Christmas present. Here are ten innovative ways to use cannabis to make your Christmas merrier.

1. Cannabis-infused desserts

Nothing feels more Christmassy than the smell of baking brownies. Every family has its recipe for Holiday sweets. Whether it is pumpkin spice pancakes or the good old apple pie, nothing screams Merry Christmas louder than a finely baked dessert. Just an additional Product of Sunday Scaries and this year you will be set to get baked on cold nights. 

2. Skin-care range of CBD oil

Cannabis is more than just giving a high; it contains many chemically active molecules that grant many benefits to your health. CBD oil is that non-psychoactive facet, largely consumed because of its amazing skin-benefits like:

  1. Reducing inflammation
  2. Fighting acne
  3. Slowing down the aging of the skin
  4. Enhancing hair quality

Use it in the form of massage oil or take a bath with CBD infused shampoo; the refreshing CBD infused skin-care products are worth trying.

3. A Ganja Vacation

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay (Image Credit:

With curbed travel restrictions, you can enjoy Christmas at exotic places. Along with the USA, there are many other countries where ganja is either legalized or decriminalized. Canada, Netherlands, Uruguay, and Barcelona are the names of a few places where you can enjoy a weed-holiday. These places not only offer you cannabis, but you can witness the growing-ganja culture across the globe. 

4. Marijuana Aromatherapy

Some plan for the outdoors, while some just love Netflix and Chill. Marijuana aromatherapy can be a thing for you if you are in that later ‘some.’ Cannabis has its peculiar aroma resulted from the terpenes, which are aromatic molecules present in plants. Once you inhale them, these molecules bind to the cannabinoid receptors, thereby altering your mood and behavior.

5. Weed Gifts

Because of the legalization of Weed in America, a stoner culture is blooming in America. A wide range of products is available in the market, which you could use as a gift for your stoner friend. From e-cigarettes and ganja-board games to subscriptions to specific clubs, you have plenty of choices for weed-themed gifts.

6. Cannabis-infused liquor

Image by 5598375 from Pixabay (Image Credit:

Nothing lifts the spirit of a festival like true spirits. Funky vodka, traditional gin, or bougie wine, everyone has their liquor of choice to celebrate the holiday season. You can either include these weed-infused liquor in your bar or learn making cannabis cocktails. But be cautious, as alcohol makes you drunk and weed causes high. So be sure you are in a safe environment and be a responsible drinker. 

7. Getting High 

If relaxing is the only activity on your to-do list for a holiday, why not do it properly? With marijuana becoming legal for recreational purposes, now you can smoke weed in your home without fear. You can also use vaping products to enhance this experience. Just sit by the Christmas tree, turn on your playlist, and have a time of life. 

8. Cooking with cannabis

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay (Image Credit:

Cannabis is a herb with a rich flavor profile. This makes it an excellent cooking ingredient for sweet and savory dishes like pasta in your favorite sauce or juicy calzones; use all your imaginations to craft your recipes. You can fuse weed in traditional recipes using household items like olive oil or butter for cooking a special treat.

9. Enjoying a Spa day

Many spas across the nation are using CBD based products to give their customers a phenomenal experience. These spas use CBD infusions to provide relaxing massages. Moreover, you can make a cannabis spa at home by fusing cannabis with essential oils. You can find different books on Amazon to make cannabis spa at home.

10. Cannabis theme party

Christmas party is the highlight of the holiday season. It is that time of the year when all family and friends gather to happily celebrate the year and pray for everyone’s health in the coming year. This year, you can take this party to the next level by infusing weed in it. From board games to making cannabis eggnog, you can do all the above things to celebrate a wonderful Christmas.

Image by vivienviv0 from Pixabay (Image Credit:

Final Thoughts

Indeed it was a challenging year, but this does not mean we can allow it to spoil the fun of the best holiday of the year. This year was not a usual year, so the celebration also shouldn’t be ordinary. This does not mean we should go to crowded places to celebrate; the party can be indoors. This year, we will celebrate Christmas with great enthusiasm as we have cannabis by our side. So, get high or be creative; you have so many choices to make this Christmas merrier. 

Written By: Ross D. 

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