Frequently Asked Questions


Myster Mask:

What are they made of?
The Myster Mask is made of cotton with a small part polyester for fit, with a velcro strap on the rear-end of the mask, and the whole thing is washable.

Is this equivalent to the N-95 or KN95 mask?
These are technically a higher level of filtration than N95. 2.5 ppm filtration with an added layer of activated charcoal. We do have the classic KN95 available as well.

Will these fit kids as well?
They do have an adjustable velcro strap on the back for a tighter fit, but right now we don’t have a kids size. 

How often do you change the filter?
The filter is meant to be used for a maximum of 24 hours. 

Are the breathing valves intake or outtake?
The breathing are outtake. These valves are also directional and can be faced in any direction you want. 

The Contak: 

How much does it hold?
The Contak can hold between .3-.5 grams, as long as the silicone tip fits snuggly on the chamber top. 

How do I turn it on/off?
Press the power button five times to turn on and five times to turn off. This keeps the Contak safe to carry around in your pockets. 

The Storage Pods:

How much can it hold?
Our storage pods can hold approximately 10 grams of dry herb. 

Are they smell proof?
They do a great job of keeping the smell contained, whilst still letting in some air in to help slow the molding process down. 

The Stashbox: 

What are the dimensions of the Stashbox? 
The dimensions are 10.5" wide by 8” long by 2.75" high. 

The Grip: 

Does this come with an empty cartridge? 
No, this battery does not come with it's own cartridge. 



How does your return process work? 

Please reach out to and we can help you.