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Does Marijuana Make You More Creative?

Does Marijuana Make You More Creative?

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Marijuana has been popular forever. It has gained even more popularity in the last few years due to some states making it legal. People from the 60’s swear that it made them more creative. Even people today still believe that smoking weed and creativity go hand in hand. Authors that run into writers block have said that smoking a joint made all the difference in the world. In the music business, musicians say that weed was the reason for all the great rock and roll songs that are classics. And the artists swear they have painted their best paintings, and sculpted their best sculptures.

So is it true that weed and creativity are responsible for some of the greatest brain power ever? Well some say yes but studies say no. There have been quite a few studies done on brain function and marijuana. Does it make you smarter?

Well let’s start with what the actual cannabis user seems to believe. They believe it expands their minds and boosts their brain power especially in the arts. They see things from a whole different point of view. They claim that their brain function under the influence of marijuana is much better and makes them smarter. They claim they are more relaxed which makes them more creative.

Well science seems to have a little different take on the subject. Many studies have proved that the subjects involved in the study, indeed perceive themselves as more creative and having more ideas. The keyword here is ‚Äúperceive.‚ÄĚ Just because something is perceived does not make it a fact or true. Smoking a joint is known to alter perceptions. Even if the smoker is feeling more creative it is actually an illusion.¬†

Does Marijuana make you more creative?    Most of our products at Myster have been dreamed up after a nice fogpen or Shotgun Vape session.    We think it does, but we know it has a different effect on everyone.     We would love to hear what you think and any specific stories of how cannabis has effected your creativity positively or negatively.
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