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2020 Cannabis Gift Guide

2020 Cannabis Gift Guide

It’s the holidays which means scrounging around for last-minute gifts to get this season. Cannabis users are a special kind of person when it comes to gifts because most of the time they are easy to please with just weed. Instead of offering that this year, this list looks at some of the most useful tools and coolest products that you can buy for anyone on your gift list.


Terp Timer $149

The newest innovation from Octave, the Terp Timer has turned dabbing from a guessing game to an exact temperature science. The Terp Timer allows you to set your preferred temperature and be notified when your rig hits it, so you can hit it without over or under heating your dab. The battery lasts months, so you only have to charge it once and go.


Resolution Kit $24.99

You hate to see a dirty bong. It makes you feel like you’re tasting the nasty in your tokes, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The folks over at Resolution have made a Glass Bong & Pipe Cleaning Kit that includes their “Res Gel” which cuts through the resin stains on your glass. Each kit comes with caps that fit most glass and cleaning pipes for hard to reach places.


Session Bong $120

Taking a hint from the classic bong and adapting it into a sleek and stylish glass piece, Session Bongs are designed to look and feel good. Molded to fit into your hand for an easy toke and including a silicone base, you can be safe from breaking another bong because of poor spatial awareness.


Koala Puffs Mystery Box $39.99

You may have received one of these in the past from a friend or not, but the Koala Puffs Mystery Boxes are the perfect surprise for any day, not just the holidays. Potentially coming with a new bong, apparel, cleaning supplies, or practically anything else, the box is a great get for anyone on your Christmas list. The fun really is in the mystery this year!


TarCutter Filter $199.99

Wanting to filter the tar from your smoke, but not the THC? Then the TarCutter Filter is the perfect option this holiday season. Using an activated carbon filtration system, your hits are healthier and stronger. This is perfect, no matter where you get your weed.


MB2e MagicalButter Machine $175  

Butter is used in practically everything, so why not spice up your cooking by making it magical? The MagicalButter Machine is a blending and heating machine that uses specific times to make sure that your end result is great, whether that is butter or oils. This machine makes infusing your favorite treats a breeze and it is so much easier than doing it all by hand.


Piece Water $14

Filling your bong with tap water, depending on where you live, can change your entire smoking experience. Piece Water made the all-natural bong water alternative which actively keeps your bong cleaner than tap water would and doesn’t interfere with the taste. It is also handmade in small batches, so you know you’re getting a fresh bottle.


Gold Stashtray  $795

24K Gold electroplated versions of the already high class accessories by Myster, the Gold Stashtray was just rolled out and has taken the high end cannabis world by storm. With a new book style, the bundle is everything you need and everything you want to show off to your friends, family, and pretty much anyone who will take a look.


MAV Beaker Bong $130

By now you know we love a good beaker shape, but when it comes to a full-sized bong, we turn to MAV. The classic Beaker Bong is the perfect gift for any stoner, from newbies to the most experienced. Coming from 10-18 inches, each of these bongs is handmade. And if you’re interested in sharing a hit with your friend or lover, check out the Bestie Bong.


Ardent FX $350

If this year has taught us anything, it is that cooking and baking is in. If we’re already making brownies, why not make them a little higher. The Ardent FX is an all-in-one device that can be used to decarboxylate, extract, infuse, melt, and bake. Plus, it is easy to use and clean, so it takes the worst parts of baking and cooking away!


Infinity Mini Rig $64

If you or a loved one are looking for a brand new rig, this is the perfect option for you. The Infinity Mini Rig is a smaller rig system, but it packs all of the punch and more of a larger rig. With a double uptake recycler that cycles your smoke through the water, it makes for a smoother hit. It is also well designed, so you’d be proud to have it on your shelf. 


Medium Complete Pot Grow Kit (5 gallon) $99.95

If baking didn’t work for you or your friend, maybe it is time to try a hand at growing your own weed. There is nothing better than having your own flower that you made and can smoke. This Complete Pot Grow Kit is exactly that, though they don’t provide the sunlight. And it takes as little as 80 days to grow!


RAW Rolling Papers Gold Poker with Woven Natural Hemp Necklace $19.99

Fashion and utility need to go hand in hand, like the mask you wear when you are out on errands. For anyone that needs a good poker, this golden necklace is the perfect way to go, both for looks and function. The RAW Gold Poker makes a great gift for anyone on your list. Even the lanyard, which is a perfect length, is made of woven hemp fibers.


Puff Puff Pass Vol. 1 $24.99

What is this a card game for stoners? Yes and so much more. This game allows for all of the conversations you have been wanting to have, but your mind blanked on the last time you were high. Puff Puff Pass has would you rathers, discussion topics, truth or dares, and more that make your next high lit.


Higher Etiquette by Lizzie Post $16.49  

Etiquette is a weird thing to talk about when it comes to getting high, but we’ve all had our issues with friends. Maybe they only bring enough for themselves at your house, or they have literally never bought for themselves. Lizzie Post’s book Higher Etiquette looks at these and so much more in a cool, refreshing way.


Contak $129

A dry herb vaporizer for everyone, the Contak is super simple to use and allows you to customize your smoke to the degree. With a top loading ceramic chamber and silicone terp tips that allow for a full flavor experience, the Contak gives you a tasty and smooth high. Literally allowing you to select the degree you want to smoke at, you can always be in your favorite space with this vaporizer.

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