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5 Reasons To Start Growing Cannabis During COVID-19

5 Reasons To Start Growing Cannabis During COVID-19

The novel Covid-19 pandemic has effectively disrupted every industry, and the cannabis market is no different. While governments are urging people to practice social distancing and cannabis shops are closing doors around the world, people are finding it hard to get cannabis. Whether you’re a recreational user or use it for medicinal purposes, you might be worried about getting your stock of cannabis. If you are, then you can start growing cannabis yourself.

Are you wondering if growing cannabis during the pandemic is a good idea? Well, here are some reasons that will help you make up your mind.

Why Grow Cannabis During Covid-19?

With the increasing popularity of cannabis, a majority of people prefer to buy weed at a Cannabis store or online. But, recently with the legalization of hemp, more and more people are trying to grow the herb themselves.

While growing any type of crop can be a task, growing cannabis also takes a lot of hard work and expertise. But, it can certainly be a great thing to indulge in during the Covid-19 spread. Here’s why.

1. You Can Have a Steady Supply

To prevent the coronavirus from spreading, governments are forced to implement nationwide lockdowns. This is not only leading shop owners to shut down their businesses, but it severely impacts their supply. While many states and nations consider cannabis to be an essential commodity, not many dispensaries will be able to have a steady stockpile.

If you’re worried if your local cannabis store or online dispensary will be able to deliver cannabis, then you might want to get your hands green. Growing the herb yourself means you can have sufficient cannabis for months to come. You can simply store the yield and enjoy it whenever you want.

2. You Don’t Have to Leave Home

During this time, merely stepping out of the four walls of your home is an adventure. You have to be extremely careful and keep yourself clean to keep Covid-19 away. Now, do you really want to go out to get cannabis? If your answer is no, you’re being very wise.

You can grow cannabis within the comfort of your home or garden and all the equipment and essentials you need are available online. All you need to do is place an online order and then get ready to grow the herb. 

3. Having a Hobby Now is a Must

The lockdown has given people ample free time and not much to keep busy. While it has given many people the perfect opportunity to indulge in their hobbies, many are finding new things to do. If you have a keen interest in both gardening and cannabis, then you’ll have a great time growing the herb. You can also shop for High Supplies OG Kush and germinate cannabis at the comfort of your home. Even if you’re just a beginner, you can still learn so much while enjoying it at the same time.

Growing your own cannabis will certainly give you a pure product and having a new hobby will help pass the time. If you are getting immensely bored and have run out of things to do, this will keep you busy, productive, and close to nature. Plus, using cannabis later on might also help you feel relaxed and eliminate the common stress and/or anxiety that many people are feeling these days. 

4. You can Save up Money

It is difficult to deny the fact that the cost of cannabis is increasing. During the pandemic and global crisis, it’s safe to assume that the costs can rise more in the coming months. You might have to pay more to get your usual amount of cannabis. So, if you want to save some money, simply start growing your own.  Although sunlight is practically free, all you need are seeds, soil, water, air and a lot of hard work.

One fully grown plant will yield approximately one pound of dried buds. If you use one gram per day, you can easily make that last a year. Not only will you get pure, organic, and quality cannabis, but end up saving a lot of money. Besides, if you are using cannabis for medical reasons like pain, anxiety, or insomnia, homegrown cannabis with its high potency might be more beneficial.

5. The Timing is Just Right

Not that Covid-19 hasn’t become the perfect time to grow cannabis, the weather conditions are favorable too. The cannabis plants germinate well in the spring and flowers perfectly during the summer. You can nurture the plants indoors initially and then plant them outside from May to June. From July to August, you will be able to see top plants appearing and your cannabis buds will be ready for harvest by September. Whether you go by the weather conditions or the current circumstances, there is no better time to grow cannabis for your personal needs and enjoyment.  

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Final Thoughts

While the entire world is battling a whole lot of problems, cannabis is one solution for many. From helping deal with anxiety or pain to enjoying the high, it may help you stay happy and healthy during the current lockdown.  Plus, Whether your needs are recreational or medical, you will have an undisrupted supply of extremely potent cannabis. So, be sure to check the regional laws for growing cannabis, get some seeds and the equipment, and start growing your buds today.

Lisa D. is a content specialist focused on fitness and cannabis. 

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