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5 Things You Should Avoid While Vaping

5 Things You Should Avoid While Vaping

The idea behind vaping is for people to relax and take time out from stressful activities—people vape for various reasons, like satisfying their nicotine craving and relaxing. However, making mistakes with vaping can go a long way to affect your vaping experience negatively. 

One can make mistakes in many ways when vaping. For instance, the choice of the wrong vaping device will negatively affect the entire vaping experience. A cheap vape means the taste of the juice will be horrible, or you risk having a device that might explode. Not charging your device could translate to the frustration of dealing with a nonfunctional vape device, especially if you are on a journey. 

It is crucial for people that are switching from smoking to vaping to avoid mistakes. The mistakes might end up frustrating one's effort, which might make one quit and resort to smoking. The good news is that you can avoid errors that might frustrate your vaping experience. 

Here are common vaping mistakes one should watch out for:

Vaping the Same way you Smoke 

It is typical of ex-smokers to draw a hard puff fast. While this is accepted with smoking, it is the wrong way to vape. You will not get that lovely vapor cloud, and you will also miss getting the hit that accompanies the vaping juice. 

To avoid this, make sure to take long, soft puffs and gradually release the vapor from your nose. With this, you will get decent vapor clouds, which will get you the satisfaction you want. Also, if you buy top selling salt nic juice, you will get a terrific vaping experience.

Taking a Dry Hit

A dry hit is an experience you never want to have. It is pretty uncomfortable as it is similar to sending a burnt cloud straight through your lungs. 

There are many reasons for dry heat, and one of them is failure to prime your coil before you vape. If you ever changed any part of your vape device or used replacement parts, it is essential to keep a little juice on the coil before fixing back the tank. With this, one needs to let the device relax for a couple of minutes before using it to ensure enough saturation. 

Photo by Zachary DeBottis from Pexels

Buying a Cheap Vaping Device

A vape device comes in various types. There are cheap vapes for beginners, expensive vapes for the veterans, and moderately priced vapes for the average person. It is essential for people who want to buy their vaping device to know what to look for, as the options available can make it challenging to vape.

Buying a cheap vape is not recommended as it will likely cost you more in the long run. You will hardly get any good flavor when using it. There is a high tendency that you will deal with a leaking tank that will misbehave while vaping. Also, there is a tendency for the device to explode

Indeed, it will be costly and embarrassing, making it essential to get a reliable option to avoid the issue with a cheap device. 

Photo by ayoub oualmouche from Pexels

Failure to Prime the Coil

When replacing a coil, some people believe that all they have to do is unscrew the ring, fill their tank, and they are good to go. However, there is more to replacing the coils. 

A coil replacement is a skill that one needs to build. This is because your experience with vaping is a factor of the coil. There are many types of coil, and the difference is seen in the size of the vapor cloud. They give out the smoothness of the hit and the experience they get with the vapor. 

Some people, especially newbies, are guilty of mistakes that could completely burn or strain the coils. The idea behind priming is to save your coil, and it is done in various ways. How you will prime is a factor of your coil type, even though it is a simple process. 

All you have to do is place some drops of vape juice on the coil wick. You will now give it some time to sink in before fixing the coil back in place. With this, the coil will be soaked before you fire your vape. 

Having an Activated Vape in Your Pocket

If you keep your vape activated for so long, it can cause several damages. Many vapers are guilty of putting their device in their bags, purse, pocket, or vehicle compartment and switch their mind to other things. This habit has many harmful effects as it can destroy the battery and lead to the leaking of your vape juice.

There is also the tendency of accidentally powering on the device that can wreck a series of havoc. This makes it essential to keep the device off before storing it anywhere. With this, you can save your battery life and prevent unwanted accidents

Photo by Rafael Barros from Pexels


The experience while vaping is tied to your mastery of various vaping techniques. It is possible to make various mistakes while vaping that can negatively affect your vaping experience. Here are five things one needs to avoid while vaping to have an excellent vaping experience.

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