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5 Top Herbal Desktop Vaporizers That are Cool

5 Top Herbal Desktop Vaporizers That are Cool

Desktop vaporizers are the best way to enjoy your dry herbs. These devices are designed with special ovens that bake the herbs, turning them into the vapor you inhale. With an excellent delivery method, you can enjoy your cannabis or other dry herbs comfortably.

While there are rechargeable dry herb vaporizers, the experience doesn't match their desktop counterpart. Unlike portable vaporizers, desktops are usually larger, more powerful, and dependable. When your vaporizer’s ability is not limited by its battery life, weight, or size, you can get improved efficiency and the dense vapor you desire. 

But with many such products in the market, finding a reliable one is quite challenging. To help you out, here are the top five premium herbal desktop vaporizers. 

Volcano Hybrid Desktop Vaporizer

By now, you must have come across a Volcano Hybrid Review on the internet. It's not surprising that this desktop vaporizer is trendy because it gets the job done; comes with superior quality and remarkable performance. 

This Volcano Hybrid is the newest of the three volcanoes; the Volcano Digit and Volcano Classic. It comes with extra features from its predecessors. The notable ones are the touchscreen function, a new tube system, Bluetooth control, and an upgradable app allowing you to control the vaporizer.

Instead of the usual balloon system, this Volcano Hybrid tube system rotates 360 degrees. Your relaxing sessions with your friends can’t get better when using it. And it comes with a replaceable and detachable power cord for more secure storage. 

Of course not forgetting that industry leaders, Storz & Bickel make it. Everything is well designed to improve your vaping experience while simplifying operation. When using this device, you can expect shorter fill times, faster heat-up, and more comfort.

Dr. Dabber Switch Desktop Vaporizer

The search for the greatest and coolest vape is continuous, but with Dr. Dabber Switch, there’s no need to look further. This device comes with uniqueness, with a beautiful solid, and sleek design. 

It's called Switch because it has on/off controls for switching between dry herb and oil, a big power button, heat level display, and + and - buttons that allow you to control the heat easily. 

Dr. Dabber Switch beats the competition with its removable 33.3 watt-hour battery that can last up to an hour when fully charged. And to accommodate your long sessions, you can simply plug into your AC and use it. 

Another fantastic feature is the self-cleaning function. You’ll need a lot less cleaning when switching between oil and dry herbs. Simply turn on this function and the device will burn all the leftovers, then just rub with swabs and alcohol.

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Arizer Extreme Q

Should you go for a vaporizer with a balloon bag or a whip? The manufactures of this device understand the challenge some users face when deciding between the two systems. So, they included both options to allow you to enjoy your session regardless of your consumption method. 

If you opt for the whip, there’s nothing different as it is operated like most desktop dry herb vaporizers. But their high-quality whip is designed to deliver maximum flavor and enhance your vaping experience. Plus, it comes with a unique glass bowl that evenly heats the dry herbs. 

The balloon bag option uses multiple fan speed technology that allows you to determine how dense your vapor should be. Pairing a low temperature and a fast fan speed fills the balloon faster using fewer resources. 

The key features include remote controlled digital temperature systems, an advanced Cyclone Bowl for even air distribution, and a bright LCD digital display that shows you the temperature for better accuracy. 

Ditanium Desktop Vaporizer

This powerful vape looks great and provides you a safe vaping session whether you’re using concentrates, herbs, or both. The Ditanium is manufactured in the USA with premium materials like quartz, pure grade 2 titanium, and natural wood. You can expect large hits with unique flavor when using it. 

The device takes less than 30 sec to warm up and can rise to¬† 900¬įF for bigger hits. It is fully adjustable and has a rotary dial to suit low-temperature use. Plus, it is designed to meet your on-demand vaporizing with the recessed heater that provides safer vaping even when left on longer.¬†

Storz & Bickel Plenty

If you’re tied to a single spot when vaping, this is the device made for you. The Storz & Bickel offers great cooled vapor with incredible flavor and massive clouds made possible by its hybrid heating.

Apart from powerful heating, there are many features to like about this device. It comes with an efficient cooling system and a large filling chamber wrapped in a unique look than what you find in the market. 

Generally, it's the best device if you are going for luxurious and dense clouds and fast draws. Plus, the premium materials used in the construction guarantees its durability. Simply plug into your wall socket and enjoy your vaping session. 


If you don't own a desktop vaporizer, then you’re missing out on a great vaping experience. But not anymore; these top five herbal vaporizers will release all the hidden flavors in your dry herbs. Up your game with these high performing devices while keeping the health pitfalls linked to smoking at bay. 


Written By: Jessica Johnson

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