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5 Ways To Check The Quality Of CBD/Hemp Oil

5 Ways To Check The Quality Of CBD/Hemp Oil

The world of alternative medicines has experienced a significant rise in recent years because of synthetic or prescribed medicines’ market decline. Nowadays, users have become more skeptical about the long-term side effects of the supplements they consume. With ongoing studies and research taking the internet by storm, the rise of CBD has provided a value addition and a natural option to alleviate chronic illnesses.


Just a few years back, the entire CBD industry was virtually worthless. However, with the Farm Bill's introduction in 2018, CBD has taken the market by storm. Even though this is music to the ears, it will be wise to check any CBD product's quality before making a purchase. Since THC's legal percentage allowed in a CBD product is less than or equal to 0.3%, a poor-quality product might have more than the legal THC quantity that may land you into trouble while traveling with it. That is why you need to be well-versed in determining the quality of CBD or hemp products. Moreover, excessive THC, poor-quality of CBD products, or the highest quality marijuana seeds, mean you will cut back on experiencing CBD’s soothing effects. Refer to the rundown to educate more on how to check CBD/hemp oil’s quality.

1.   CBD/hemp Oil’s Color

CBD/hemp oils come in varying degrees of quality and strength. The oil must be extracted through subcritical CO2 extraction or supercritical method, but still doesn’t necessarily imply that the oil is pure. There are three forms of CBD oil. First, the raw CBD oil has a black, close to green appearance since it experiences an extraction from raw hemp material. Second, decarboxylated CBD/hemp oil has a black or dark-green color as it goes through the decarboxylation process. Meanwhile, the third form, filtered CBD oil, is one of the most manufactured and consumed oil worldwide. This oil has a worthwhile light green color, which goes through both filtering and decarboxylation processes.

2.   THC Level

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Even if CBD oil is legal, it has traces of THC. The Farm Bill states that a legal CBD product should have no more than 0.3% of THC in it. As a result, check the product’s Certificate of Analysis to know such details. In case the COA is not available with the product, check with the manufacturer’s website, and request a third-party certification.

3.   Full Spectrum vs. Broad Spectrum

The entire plant is much more effective and efficient for CBD oil’s utmost quality. As a user, it is essential to reap the therapeutic benefits of CBD oil. However, consuming a broad-spectrum or isolate CBD might not be as effective. As a result, you can go for full-spectrum CBD, since along with many other beneficial compounds it contains THC as well, but in the legal limits i.e. less than 0.3%. THC along with CBD and other cannabinoids work in a synergistic manner, known as the entourage effect. According to experts, the entourage effect provides additional therapeutic benefits.

4.   Independent Third Party Tests

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Since marijuana is not a substance approved by the FDA, you don’t require independent third-party CBD oil tests. However, reputed organizations regulating CBD’s use pay thousands of dollars to check with third-party labs as they verify a product’s contents in terms of potency and purity. Since such results are expensive, only graded companies can afford it. So, be on the lookout.

5.   Source of CBD/hemp Oil

High-grade CBD oil comes from Denmark or Colorado. However, other regions tend to grow extremely potent hemp like Germany, Kentucky, Netherlands, and several other Scandinavian countries. It would be best if you emphasized where the plant was grown, the process of its growth, and cannabis’ species. These minor details determine the quality of CBD oil.

Final Thoughts

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There is ample research on CBD’s efficacy in treating a range of chronic conditions. Since CBD does not induce mind-altering effects because of low THC levels, it might show on drug tests because of low-quality CBD. So, if you need high-quality CBD/hemp oil, make sure you adhere to the points mentioned above.


Written By: Grace Hawkins

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