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6 Fascinating Ways Technology Is Changing Vape Industry

6 Fascinating Ways Technology Is Changing Vape Industry

The vape industry has come a long way since its inception. This is due to several reasons, such as increased patronage and an increase in popularity. About 41 million people are frequent vape users.

However, the most influential factor behind the massive growth is the infusion of technology. Without technology, the vape industry won’t have come as far as it has today. If you want to understand the ways technology plays a role, you’re in luck. Below are six fantastic ways technology is changing through the vape industry.

Integration of Apps Into Your Smartphone

    The first, most impressive thing technology has done for the vaping industry is to include apps that can enhance the whole vaping experience. Thanks to the continual growth of the vaping industry, developers have made multiple vaping apps, Androids, and iPhones to improve the way people vape, either alone or with friends. 

    The apps generally have a ‚Äúsocial media‚ÄĚ feature to interact and set updates to meet with other vapers. They also have vape calculators that help measure the amount you‚Äôve vaped over a given time and a DIY app for e-liquids.

    That’s not all. Developers created these apps for multiple functions. Most of them have a vape diary where you can document all your vaping experiences and a feature that lets you know the most common gear other vapers are using, one of which is premium vape mods.

    Improved Battery Life

      Battery life and health is a problem vapes have had for centuries. Many vapes from The first generation didn’t even have batteries. This unfortunate fact means that Immediately people used them, they had to dispose of them. Disposal of vapes which were also quite expensive deterred many people from even buying the vapes. 

      Luckily, that has all changed. The vapes in circulation now have very impressive batteries. You can currently go days without having to charge your vape, depending on how much you use it. This feat would have been essentially impossible for vapers from a few years ago.

      Photo by Anton Malanin on Unsplash

      Streamlined Design

        The third thing that technology has helped to perfect is the design of vapes. The first generation of vapes was big and bulky and very hard to maintain. Many of them came in a long, thin form, looking similar to the traditional delivery systems. As you may already expect, its physical similarity to conventional delivery systems deterred many new users from trying out vapes.

        Fortunately, the device’s shape and size have reduced, and many manufacturers have renovated it over the vaping generations. Several of them come in streamlined designs to further enhance the vaping experience and eliminate unnecessary weight.

        An Improvement Of Vape Tastes

          Admittedly, the earliest e-juices had bland tastes. Due to the fact it was relatively innovative at the time, most of the first generation of e-juices only came in a handful of colors. People perceived this as boring and chose not to purchase vapes. Luckily, technology has set its foot in the vaping industry. Through continual technological innovations, there are presently many e-juice flavors to choose from. This makes sure that you never get bored of vaping.

          Photo by Antonin FELS on Unsplash

          Increased Power

            An increase in vape power has been highly instrumental in the vaping industry’s growth. Firstly, technology has allowed vapers to increase the number of vapes they can draw at a go. One way technology has helped to achieve this is by introducing nic salts. These nic salts have proven to be relatively more efficient compared to traditional e-juices. For example, let’s say you need about 20g of e-juice to get the desired effect you want. In comparison, you would only need 20% of that, which is 4g of nic salts. This helps you save money and maximizes your vaping experience. You can also go for cheap salt nic juice 50 mg.

            Additionally, manufacturers have now included a new device into vapes; sub-ohm tanks. With this device, you can now produce far more vapor clouds than ever before. This is possible because the sub-ohm reduces the resistance of the vape to below 1 ohm. The production of more vapor can increase the aesthetic feel of vapor. 

            Photo by Itay Kabalo on Unsplash

            Improved capacity 

              Lastly, technology has improved the capacity of many vapes. Before the current vapes came around, it was challenging to come by a vape that could last half as long as their manufacturers stated. They would often spoil or run out of e-juice or battery. Their horsepower was also meager. 

              Many vapes now have at least 70W of horsepower that can take care of all your vaping needs. 

              Final Words 

              The exciting part about vapes is that there are still technological innovations coming up daily. Many manufacturers are continually finding ways to improve the vaping experience‚ÄĒno wonder the vaping industry will be worth $40.35 billion by the end of 2028. That said, the above are the six most significant ways technology has improved the vape industry.

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