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6 Mistakes You Might Be Making While Using CBD E-Juice

6 Mistakes You Might Be Making While Using CBD E-Juice

The CBD industry has taken its place among the many profitable industries that exist. Interestingly, it will keep growing. 

According to industry projections, the CBD market, including peripherals and CBD e-liquid, is expected to grow 21.2% through 2026. From $2.8 billion in 2020, the industry will grow up to $13.40 billion in 2026.

This means that more and more people will get into CBD and everything it entails, including vaping. Vaping CBD is ingesting CBD using an electronic device called CBD Vape Pen. 

Vaping is one of the most common ways of consuming CBD because it allows for quicker results than other methods with hardly any side effects. But as people become newly introduced to vaping CBD, they will be prone to some common mistakes, and some unscrupulous people may even try to exploit these mistakes for one reason or the other.

So, what are these common mistakes, and how do you avoid them? These will be discussed below:

Using the Wrong Liquid

    There is a particular type of liquid used in CBD vaping. It is known as CBD Vape Oil, or, in a somewhat more extraordinary manner, CBD e-juice. This is the only type of CBD liquid that should be used for vaping. People sometimes use other liquids like CBD oil. Besides, this is harmful, and the combination with the vape pen can even produce toxic effects.

    So, if you want to vape, ensure you get CBD e-juice. Also, many places online and offline have CBD ejuice for sale.

    Trying to be Too Cheap

      A quality CBD e-juice is expensive. It is one of those things that you can judge its quality by how expensive it is. Cheap e-juice is most likely degraded or low quality. This is because the process of extracting CBD is not cheap or easy. The extraction kit alone costs anywhere from $49,000 to almost half a mil, which is mind-bending.

      The people who extract also need to hire specialists, transport and sell the extracted CBD, do laboratory tests, and do research and development, among other things. So, CBD e-juice is not cheap, and if you buy any which is, you're most likely not purchasing a high quality, which is never a good thing.

      Using Hemp Vape Oil Instead of CBD Vape Oil

        People mistakenly think that hemp vape oil is the same as CBD vape oil. They are certainly not. Hemp vape oil has significantly less CBD in it than CBD e-juice. This is also why hemp oil is cheaper because, as expressed earlier, extracting CBD is not cheap. You will not get the same effect if you use hemp oil instead of CBD e-juice.

        One way to avoid this error is to look out for the word hemp instead of CBD on the packaging. Another way is to pay attention to the concentration of CBD in what you buy. The concentration is usually inscribed on it.

        Photo by Miguel Arcanjo Saddi from Pexels

        Trying to Mix CBD E-Juice with Nicotine

          Some people do this when trying to vape CBD. They mix some amount of nicotine into the e-juice, thinking it will enhance the effects of the CBD. This, however, is not true. Adding nicotine to CBD vape e-juice actively degrades the CBD because nicotine breaks down extremely quick. The nicotine may even lead to undesirable side effects.

          Some CBD e-juices these days even come with a high concentration of nicotine in them. It is better to avoid these CBD e-juices and get pure CBD vape juice instead.

          Taking Large Doses for a Better Effect

            Bigger is better, as some people assume. However, this is not always true. Bigger is not always better, at least with the use of CBD e-juice. What you need when vaping CBD is an optimal dose. Taking a large quantity can harm more than help.

            Many factors determine the dose, including body weight, body chemistry, speed of metabolism, the medical condition you want to treat with CBD, and the form of CBD you are using. 

            Consider all this before choosing a dose. A way to do it is to start with a minimal dose when you vape for the first time. A popular suggestion is about 12 mg if you weigh 150 pounds or less, 18 mg if you weigh between 151 and 240 pounds, and 22.5 mg if you weigh more than 240 pounds. Take small puffs when vaping and wait for some time before taking another puff. Then increase dosage little by little over time if you do not feel the desired effects. But this is trial-and-error, which is not always ideal.

            Talk to a doctor to be sure of your dosage or a CBD vaping expert for advice.

            Using the Wrong Vape Kit

              People commonly use any vape kit they see or have on hand to vape CBD e-juice. But this doesn't seem right. The kit you get may not have the ideal setup for CBD vaping. The CBD e-juice is not a thick liquid and can easily drip out from a typical vape kit with large air holes, causing unnecessary waste.

              If you want to vape CBD, get a CBD vape kit. Alternatively, choose a small vape kit, like a pod device or a starter kit. They have smaller air holes and are affordable too.

              Photo by Tree of Life Seeds from Pexels


              Here you have it; some common mistakes beginners make when vaping. Take note so that you can avoid them. Furthermore, ensure to consult a doctor before incorporating CBD into your diet and lifestyle.

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