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7 Vape Juice Secrets You Will Be Amazed To Know

7 Vape Juice Secrets You Will Be Amazed To Know

Vaping has become a trend these days among youth and people who want to quit smoking. According to a market report, there will be almost 55 million vapers worldwide by 2021. It is perceived to be cost-effective and offers diverse flavors, making people try it. Vaping involves a vape device like a vape pen or e-cigarette and an e-juice or vape juice. Vape juice is a mixture of vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, nicotine, and flavorings. Some vape juice consists of tobacco or cannabis plant extracts instead of nicotine. A balance of all these ingredients contributes to an excellent vaping experience.

As vaping is gaining popularity, you will be amazed to know the seven vape juice secrets.

1. You Can Mix Multiple Vape Juices

Knowing how to mix two different flavors of vape juices is also an art. If you know the right mixing technique, it can give you new tastes and experiences to your plate. There are more than thousands of vape juice flavors available in the market you can experiment with to make infinite combinations. Creating your vape juice also allows you to choose your favored nicotine level. Thus, mixing vape juices is a cost-effective way to explore new vaping flavors.

Other than mixing e juices,you can also go for specific CBD vape juice for sleep and relaxation.It would surely help calm you down when taken in controlled dosages.


2. Vaping can dehydrate:

Vaping can make you unbelievably thirsty. Vape users experience dehydration while vaping as it takes water from the saliva, mouth, and esophagus, which induces signs of thirst. Vaping too much creates the problem of dry mouth, itchiness, and dry eyes. Dehydration can make you feel lethargic, low in energy, and sleepy. An easy way to avoid dehydration while vaping is to keep drinking water. Based on your vape consumption, keep increasing your water intake. Additionally, cutting down the consumption of caffeine and alcohol can also prevent dehydration.


3. Flavored vape juice can be dangerous:

Though it's fun to mix and match the various vape juice flavors, studies state that flavored e-juices can be more dangerous than the unflavored ones. Mixing multiple flavors can trigger an inflammatory response on the lungs. Vapers using flavored e-juice are at potential risk of pulmonary toxicity and tissue degeneration. Flavors like coffee and pina colada can weaken the cardiovascular health creating respiration problems, whereas flavors like cinnamon and strawberry can be toxic, causing cell death.


4. Vape Juice might have undeclared ingredients:

According to a report, vape juices contain undeclared contents like drugs that can react with your medications. Taking a low-quality vape juice containing harmful ingredients can create various side-effects like digestive issues, low blood pressure, heart strokes, or even psychiatric effects.

To avoid these conditions, you must always purchase good quality Nicotine Free Vape Juice from a reputed manufacturer. Do not buy cheap vape products and always read the label before purchasing. You can try e juices that manufacture high-quality and best tasting e-juice combinations to maximize your vaping experience. In addition to vape juice, invest in a suitable vape device that will provide you a good vapor. Maintain the vape device by cleaning it frequently to enjoy a riskless and flavorful vape.


5. Most Vape Juices have Nicotine:

Even though vaping appears as an innocuous substitute for smoking tobacco, the vape juices used while vaping still contain small amounts of nicotine. Just like tobacco, nicotine is also addictive. So, extended nicotine usage can diminish blood flow in the arteries, producing elevated blood pressure and altering brain functionalities. Vaping a nicotine-rich vape juice can also be dangerous to your lungs. So, choosing a nicotine-free vape juice can decrease the possible side-effects of nicotine.

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6. Diabetic Patients can use Vape-juices:

According to a study, tobacco smokers are 35% more likely to develop type 2 diabetes. Similarly, even though vaping is harmless, it can still contain harmful products like nicotine that can produce insulin resistance, leading to type-II diabetes. So, you can control the nicotine content in the vape juice to avoid the chances of diabetes. Besides it,to save more, ensure to check out the best vape juice deals.


Similarly, there is a myth that vape juices contain sugar that makes it unsafe for diabetic people. However, the sweetness is from the vape juice's diluents and does not contain any added sugar. This makes it safe for diabetic patients also.


7. The Elements in e-Juices Does Matter:

While choosing a vape juice, one can select healthier ingredients like cannabis. This plant-based herb is famous for its medicinal benefits. Scientists have been using its components, THC, and CBD, for treating patients with anxiety, pain, and other illnesses. Vaping cannabis can help in reducing the exposure to carbon monoxide and other chemicals associated with smoking joints. Apart from the recreational purpose of cannabis, it also enhances various body functionalities like the brain, heart, and lungs.



So, these are some of the fantastic facts of vape juice. Even though vaping signifies a safer option than smoking, vaping also exposes you to harmful substances. Therefore, enjoy vaping by making sure that you purchase a vape juice with quality ingredients to have a guilt-free experience.


Written By: Grace Hawkins

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