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Alaska Approves On-Site Consumption in Retail Cannabis Stores

Alaska Approves On-Site Consumption in Retail Cannabis Stores

By Dalton Rosario

Another victory for cannabis reformation was applauded this Thursday as members of Alaska’s Marijuana Control Board voted in Anchorage to approve a highly debated regulation of endorsing retail dispensary locations to allow cannabis consumption on-site after customers  make their purchase. Concentrates are excluded from in-store use and the designated recreational area must be separated from the rest of the premises. 

As stated by Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office Director Erika McConnell, “The regulations still need to be reviewed by the State Department of Law and be signed by Lt. Governor Kevin Meyer before taking effect,” but providing safe spaces for cannabis use in a state which actively prohibits public consumption is cause for celebration after years of debating the topic since 2014, when Alaska had legalized recreational cannabis use.

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