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Beaker vs Straight Tube Bongs

Beaker vs Straight Tube Bongs

When it comes down to it, there are basically two types of water pipes. There is the beaker style bong and the straight tube style bong. You can purchase either style in all different sizes, and made from a variety of materials. For many cannabis smokers, using a bong of either style is preferable to smoking a joint rolled with paper because it makes the experience more pleasant.

The water in the bong helps to filter and cool the smoke and it feels less irritating to the lungs and throat. Plus, you can take some massive rips that are almost unbelievable to the ones who’ve never experienced it before.

What Is A Beaker Bong?

A beaker bong shape is about the same as a beaker used by scientists in laboratories. They can have a bulbous rounded bottom that runs up to a more slender rounded neck. The larger rounded shape at the bottom of the beaker style bong makes it more stable. Beaker bongs can also come in a cone shape.

Pros Of Beaker Bongs

One of the best things about a beaker bong is that the larger base makes it much better for sitting on a tabletop without getting knocked over as easily. Bongs can be broken depending on what type of material they are made from.

As the beaker bong has a more narrow neck, it is also less likely that you will get water in your mouth when you are taking a hit. No one likes to take a hit and get a mouth full of water! Some beaker bongs come with an ice catcher installed. This is for holding ice that can also help reduce splashing up into your mouth and helps to further cool and filter the smoke.

Beaker bongs are also very interesting to look at. They make a good topic for conversation if you have a particularly nice beaker bong. Many beaker bong owners also feel that the beaker style is easier to clean than the straight tube bongs. Even a small beaker bong can deliver a very big hit so size is not essential to make the most of your smoke.

Cons Of Beaker Bongs

The one drawback that stands out with beaker bong users is that it can be a little more difficult to get a controlled hit. There can also be the risk of larger bubbling because the base is so large, but there may also be fewer bubbles, so it’s sort of a trade-off. Another issue with beaker bongs is that since the base is larger at the bottom than at the top, it may be more difficult to clear the beaker of all of the smoke as easily as you can with a straight tube bong.

What Is A Straight Tube Bong?

As with the name of the beaker bong, the straight tube bong’s name is fairly self-explanatory. It is a long straight cylinder with the bowl on one side and a carburetor. The carburetor is simply a small hole to be covered during the hit that helps create suction.

Pros Of Straight Tube Bongs

Unlike some beaker style bongs, the straight tube bongs may be more likely to come equipped with additional features like ice catchers, percolators like the showerhead and the UFO, and various chambers. These types of bongs can also have a removable downstem which is a great feature.

Another plus about a straight tube bong is that since there is less space inside the chamber, it can make it easier to clear the chamber of smoke without having to pull as hard. However, that distinction can vary depending on the size of the straight tube bong.

Cons Of The Straight Tube Bong

It has been said that straight tube bongs can be harder to clean than the beaker styles, although it might also be said that cleaning either style is not always a fun or easy procedure. One of the worst things about the straight tube design is that it seems to be more unstable because of the tubular design and can be more easily knocked over and broken. Of course, this can depend on what type of material the bong is made from.

Obviously, a larger straight tube bong can be just as difficult to clear when compared to a beaker style of a smaller size. The longer and larger a straight tube bong is and the more features it has can require just as much effort to clear the smoke.

Which Bong Style Wins?

When it really comes down to the facts, both designs have their advantages and disadvantages, but they both work well and serve basically the same purpose. As with most things, it really depends on what your personal preferences are. If you use your bong alone for recreational or medicinal purposes, then a smaller size of either style could serve you better. If you are a party person with lots of friends over, then perhaps you might like a larger version of either style. Maybe buy one of each style and make your own choice!

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