Myster Is Giving 10% of ALL Sales in June

Myster Is Giving 10% of ALL Sales in June

We have been watching. Listening. Now, we need to speak up in support. We have a duty to our people, specifically our black family and friends. The cannabis industry in its current form was built on the backs of the thousands of incarcerated black people and other POC who are unjustly behind bars or being killed for things that get a white person a slap on the wrist. This is why Myster has to say something...

We refuse to be silent. Individually, our team has been supporting the cause, but we have an obligation and a platform to generate support as well. Here is how we are stepping up.  


We are pledging 10% of all SALES (NOT PROFITS, BUT ACTUAL SALES), for the month of June divided between four funds that are actively helping to changes things in a meaningful way. The four funds are: 

Black Lives Matter 

The Black Lives Matter movement, in name, was founded in 2013 and has been at the forefront of protests and movements since. With chapters around the world, they are helping everyone they can. 

The Sentencing Project 

The Sentencing Project is working to create a better correctional system for all people, but especially the exceedingly large amount of IBPOC people who find themselves in prison for crimes that white people pay a fine for. 

Peoples City Council Freedom Fund

The People's City Council Freedom Fund is a Los Angles based fund that gives legal support, pays the bail, fines, and court fees of protesters. It also assists with medical bills and transportation for injured protesters. 

Law Enforcement Action Partnership

The Law Enforcement Action Partnership is a coalition of former and current law enforcement working to change the system from within. LEAP is a global force pushing for drug policy reform including ending the destructive "war on drugs", a change in police tactics, and overhauling the prison system to actually help instead of harm.  


It is not enough to just say you'll help, rather it is actions that are speaking for us right now. There are hundreds of resources out there that can help if you are out there protesting, signing petitions, or helping in any way you can. 

Share, post, and advocate as best as you can. We've seen what being loud can do with #justiceforgeorgefloyd and #justiceforbreonnataylor 

This #blacklivesmatter Site Has Links and Hundreds of Helpful Tools

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