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Canadian Cannabis Supplies Mexico's Medicinal Market

Canadian Cannabis Supplies Mexico's Medicinal Market

By Dalton Rosario

Last week Canadian based Aurora Cannabis Inc. closed a partnership agreement with  Mexican pharmaceutical manufacturer and distributer Farmacias Magistrales SA, after they had become Mexico’s first federally licensed importer of raw materials containing over 1% of THC. This distribution chain will begin in Canada, from which Aurora will supply Farmacias with THC and CBD derived oil products for Mexico’s medical market of roughly 130 million people. 

Once imported, Farmacias will have access to over 80,000 retail distribution channels, including 500 pharmacies and hospitals throughout the country. Farmacias will be paid in Aurora shares and a valuation based upon projected revenues from distribution of THC and CBD concentrates, with an added contingency plan of 25% cash payable dependent on milestone achievements throughout the upcoming year.     

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