Cold Start Dabbing: What Is It And How Do I Start?

Cold Start Dabbing: What Is It And How Do I Start?

This method of dabbing isn’t as popular as a regular old dab, but it allows the dabber to experience the full extent of the dab and to do so much quicker. The method has been around for a while, but has recently taken off for the casual dabber. This is because more products for dabbing are available and cold-start dabbers are sharing their secrets with friends. 

What Is Cold-Start Dabbing? 

Cold-start dabbing, also called reverse dabbing, is where the user first loads their concentrate in a nail, typically a banger. Then they heat the concentrate into vapor. In traditional dabbing this process is reverse, so the nail is heated first, then the concentrate is loaded in. The traditional way is extremely time sensitive and consuming as the heating process is just that, a process. 

Temperatures are also a huge difference between the two styles. In a traditional dab, the goal is to get the nail extremely hot, and it can range anywhere between 500-900 degrees if you’re not careful. This destroys the flavor and produces the least amount of vapor. In higher temperatures, a dab hit can produce an intense effect faster, but it also has downsides. This includes releasing harmful compounds like Naphthalene and Benzene and destroying the terpenes. 

Why Should You Cold-Start Dab? 

The best part about cold-start dabbing is that you don’t have to worry about losing the flavor of your concentrate because you will get all of the smoke without the loss that traditional dabs give. Another great benefit of cold-start dabbing is the smoothness of the dab, meaning you won’t be coughing because you overpowered your lungs and throat like many do with traditional dabs. The cold-start process, from set up to dab, takes half of the time of traditional dabs, so it is also a time saver. Lastly, there is less wear and tear on your gear, so you are less likely to experience chazzing. 

Drawbacks To Cold-Start Dabbing

The biggest drawback is that cold-start dabbing is more of a single person activity than traditional dabbing and bong rips, which can be communal. The nail needs to cool before another dab can be taken, which obviously takes time. Another issue is the loss of concentrates, but that is much more of a user problem. Concentrates can be lost if the nail is not cleaned properly, leaving residue that stops future concentrates from getting heated and lessens the flavor. If you’re going solo and clean your nail correctly, there is no need to worry. 

How To Cold Start Dab 

  • Get your setup ready. You can use an All-In-One Dab Rig like the HAMR to make this step even easier.
  • Make sure your nail is clean (otherwise you will just be wasting your concentrates). 
  • Load your dab on the nail. 
  • Place your carb cap on top. 
  • Light your torch and aim at the banger. 
  • As soon as the concentrate begins to vaporize and bubble, typically about 6-10 seconds, take your hit, making sure to clear the rig’s chamber. 
  • Use a swab or q-tip to clean your nail. 
  • Let it cool and repeat to your dabbing heart’s content. 
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