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Create the Ideal Office Space: Tips for Cannabis Entrepreneurs

Create the Ideal Office Space: Tips for Cannabis Entrepreneurs

The cannabis market is one of the fastest-growing markets worldwide, with more countries permitting the legal use of medical cannabis for recreational and medical purposes. According to a New Frontier report, more than 250,000 jobs have been created in the legal cannabis market in the United States by 2020, if not more, as this study does not take into account possible changes in legislation that could lead to an increase in some part of legalization. In addition to tens of thousands of jobs, we can already predict millions of dollars in profits and increased tax revenues to fuel economic growth.

Consultants are present in all areas of activity, so cannabis business consulting is no exception. These trade specialists will assist manufacturers in starting their businesses and identifying growing and expanding parties. For example, experienced marketing consultants will play a role in building a company's brand, giving it the personality it needs to market. This is an excellent opportunity for consultants from other industries looking for new professional goals.

The ideal office space

Unfriendly office space has a significant impact on a person. It seems that work on an office for cannabis entrepreneurs project should start with a conversation with employees: it is essential to find out what the ideal office is for them, divide the team into groups with similar needs and try to satisfy all of them.

A friendly office must have several universal qualities:

  1. Attractiveness. An office doesn't have to be ugly, no matter how trite it may sound. Unscrewed handles and peeled walls irritate and deprive a person of the desire to be in such a space.
  2. In any environment, a person should distract himself, even in such a delicate topic as of today's topic. According to the theory of attention restoration, to recover, people must switch from voluntary attention to involuntary: working in the office, we mainly use voluntary attention, by an effort of will force ourselves to study something, note details. On the other hand, in a friendly environment, objects attract our attention by themselves - for example, a flower or a bird in nature. In the office, such objects can be pictures or a view from a window. It becomes a very powerful factor in recovery. Another entrepreneur can use an aquarium, plants, and even a fountain. The main thing is not to overdo it.
  3. Another important quality of space is "intelligibility" or "consistency," that is, a person should understand how it works. If it is an open space or any other complex system, office workers need to know how and where they will find a kitchen, a lounge, a boss's office, and other employees' workplaces in it. A sense of order, in this case, is critical: it not only removes uncertainty but also gives a feeling of comfort.
  4. The next phase property is "coverage" or "space." A cannabis entrepreneur's office doesn't have to be cramped, and the ability to move around quickly is much more important than just green walls or plant pots, which can be annoying if they get in the way of a colleague. Here I would be reminded of an old study of distance, which says that tightness is one of the most efficiently organized forms of physical abuse. If the office has to be too close to each other and sit on uncomfortable furniture, people develop negative attitudes towards their workplace. A perfect example where you could take inspiration for your ideal office space are coworking spaces in Los Angeles, these coworking spaces keep spreading around the country especially because of their flexible and comfortable environment that gives the best working atmosphere. 
  5. Generational differences in requirements. Middle-aged and older people need private spaces, as many people feel a lack of them in their everyday life. They need an office to meet their privacy needs, and large companies are well aware of this. The younger generation has a calmer attitude towards space: they know how to work in open space, they do not need personalization of the workplace, they do not interfere with extraneous noise, which can be eliminated with the help of headphones.

For a cannabis entrepreneur, an office is not just a room. It is a combination of the main factors: people, space, and processes. When developing an office project, each of them must be taken into account. It is crucial to use all available space effectively, take care of its functionality, and pay due attention to such vital issues as acoustics and lighting. At the same time, it is necessary to study and consider the needs and expectations of the people who will use this space. A functional office and properly selected furniture and appliances will help employees carry out their daily duties and improve the flow of business processes in the company.

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