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Does Delta-8-THC THC Make You High?

Does Delta-8-THC THC Make You High?

Ever since CBD oils entered the vape industry, people often misjudged their effects on the body. Soon after, THC vape cartridges begin to appear on the market. 

With the growth in demand, vapers started an ongoing debate by asking – can I get high by vaping THC cartridges?

As we all know, the US federal law bans selling and buying all vape cartridges with high THC levels.

One of the best examples of this is delta-9-THC vape cartridges that will get you high when using. However, with improvements in technology, scientists made a big discovery with the new kind of delta-8-THC THC cartridges that are the legal younger brother of delta-9. 

Still, they’re THC vape cartridges, so can they make you high? 

High-quality delta-8 vapes may have some percentages of THC, but they’re nothing like its big brother delta-9. 

More About delta-8-THC

If we look into chemical components, delta-8-THC is almost identical to delta-9, which has high psychedelic properties but different by only a few atomic bonds. 

Now you must wonder, if they’re almost the same, surely they have the same effect on our body, right? 

delta-8-THC is a degraded form of delta-9 that has its double bond on the 8th carbon chain. Unsurprisingly, that’s completely different from delta-9’s bond on the 9th carbon chain. 

With delta-8-THC, this bond happens later in the harvest stages, making it less concentrated with THC. In the past, scientists had less luck in extracting delta-8-THC from a hemp plant. With the growth in technology, they’re now able to mass-produce the extract that brought delta-8-THC vape oils to life. 

Being in the middle, a little bit stronger than CBD oils, and less than delta-9, these vape cartridges are a perfect balance of vape oil that has health benefits without high psychedelic properties. 

Health Benefits

When we look for CBD or THC vape cartridges, their health benefits are the number 1 reason why we want to buy them in the first place. 

It’s widely known that consuming them will positively affect your body and help you deal with some health conditions. delta-8-THC cartridges are perfect for all those looking for health improvement while still having some dose of psychedelic properties. 

Being legal, compared to the next great thing delta-9’s, and with a stronger kick than the one with CBD vape oils, delta-8-THC combines all the best from these two into one perfect product. 

Studies had shown that using delta-8-THC vape oils would help you deal with lack of appetite, insomnia, nausea, and body pain. These are only a few positive effects these vape oils have on our bodies, and the list could go on. 

Delta-8 less psychedelic potency offers a more clear-mind experience with fewer anxiety issues than when using delta-9.

Safe to Use

It’s safe to use delta-8-THC even if you’re restricted from using THC products. 

If you worry about failing a drug test when using delta-8-THC cartridges, it’s good to know that you have less chance of dying it than you have with delta-9. 

However, the chances of this happening are still there. We recommend that you avoid using these cartridges a few days before your drug test in your best interest. 

In the end, it’s better to stay safe than sorry.

Should You Buy Them

Our answer is a big YES! 

Perfectly balanced vape oils that will benefit your health within the law restriction should be on top of your buying list. 

Their proven positive side effects with a small dose of getting a high sensation should be good enough reason for exploring the possibilities these cartridges have. 

Because they’re now widely available, you’ll find it easy to order them through a website and deliver them to your doorstep. 

Before ordering, primarily, have a look into if your municipality laws will allow you to order such things online. 

Laws can deviate from place to place, so it’s better if you know if it’s safe in your area. 

The Bottom Line

The future of delta-8-THC THC vape cartridges is very bright. 

With constant development in technologies, in the future, we’ll see how these vape oils will bring innovations and benefits to our well-being. Start using them while they’re on the rise. 

You can learn a lot while watching how delta-8-THC are evolving into something that might benefit us in the longer run. 

Be one of the many that use these products and find out for you if this is only another marketing trick that pushes a new product. 

We guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised after a short period.

Written By: Jessica Johnson

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