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Does Jeff Sessions' Resignation Affect Cannabis and Cannabis Legalization?

Does Jeff Sessions' Resignation Affect Cannabis and Cannabis Legalization?

By Dalton Rosario

With former top cop Jeff Sessions’ official resignation, headline publications from Time Magazine to Rolling Stone are asking what does this mean for the current state of Cannabis prohibition. As infamously remarked by Sessions two years prior, “Good people don’t smoke marijuana.” But now that the federal ‘tip-of-the-spear’ against cannabis rights activism is a non-factor, the country is mobilizing as popular opinion converges with state legislation. Following yesterday’s midterm elections, Michigan has legalized recreational and medicinal cannabis use; and Missouri and Utah have approved cannabis for medical use.

Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker does not have an official stance supporting the federal legalization of cannabis, though we will see in the coming weeks how the U.S. will become impacted by the forward-thinking legislation of Canada’s nationwide legalization of cannabis and Mexico’s Supreme Court recognition of laws criminalizing recreational cannabis use by adults as being unconstitutional. The United States Marijuana Index saw a spike in stock value following the resignation of Sessions, which speaks highly of the financial market’s views of cannabis as a cash cow commodity. Looks like good people like to smoke good weed after all Jeff.   

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