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Does weed use stop male balding?

Does weed use stop male balding?

A quick glance online will find that some people say weed causes hair loss while others say weed prevents male baldness. The truth is that weed does affect your body’s chemistry, but studies have not shown a direct effect of balding thus far.

You’ll notice that those reporting that weed causes hair loss are typically “hair loss specialists.” These articles use downfalls of weed as a scare factor. These articles also attribute all laziness of people to weed, rather than choice.

Weed doesn’t make you inanimate, it relaxes you, which are two very different things. Fear tactics are one of the most used anti-cannabis methods, so targeting insecurities is common practice sadly.

While weed does affect your body chemistry, it is typically in positive ways. The nutrients in most CBD oils include high amounts of omega fatty acids, which keep your scalp and hair healthy and stimulate hair growth.

Inside the body, weed can help balance out your hormones, which is good because hormone imbalance is one of the biggest causes of baldness.

Weed and CBD can potentially help deter male baldness, but that doesn’t mean that weed will completely stop you from hair loss.

Genetics and lifestyle choices are a major factor. Weed isn’t going to regrow your hair back to its luxurious 20-year-old self, but it can help you strengthen what is there and provide a foundation for regrowth.

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