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Guide to CBD Vaping: Safety, Side Effects, And More

Guide to CBD Vaping: Safety, Side Effects, And More

With the decline of smoking over the nearly past two decades, demand in the vaping industry has grown as many people have shifted from smoking to vaping.

For the past ten years, one thing that has been noticeable in the vape industry is the use of CBD extracts. Many have raised the question of whether Vaping CBD is safe, whether it has any side effects and more.

Many think that CBD is harmful, but that's not always the truth. Cannabidiol extract products have been rising in the medicinal industry as they help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression and address other health issues as well.

In this blog post, we will address all the safety concerns and provide a safety guide to CBD Vaping.

Let's dig in!

Understanding CBD and Its Use in Vaping

CBD oil is extracted naturally from cannabinoids, found mainly in hemp and cannabis plants. It can be used in various foods, drinks, and other edible products, and moreover, it can be a great substitute for tobacco and nicotine.

Many use CBD vapes to lower their stress levels, and some use them out of habit. CBD oil is used in the flavor of vapes, which later gets heated when one takes a puff of a vape, which vaporizes the oil along with the flavor and gives a buzz of CBD to the user.

The Rise of CBD Vaping

The first vape product was brought to the American market in 2007, presented as a replacement to smoking. It is currently the most common e-cigarette device used by teens since that time. As per 2022 research, nearly fifty percent of the Americans love to vape as it is amazing and some use it to handle their depressions and anxieties.

Conversely, studies have demonstrated that it is very dangerous and may result in lung cancer yet teenagers are still inhaling these vapes because they consider it trendy or help them relax.

Are CBD Vape Safe for Health?

According to Irfan Rahman, Ph.D., a professor at the University of Rochester’s Department of Medicine, if someone vapes CBD, they consume more than the CBD oil itself. He also said that CBD oil is always combined with other chemicals for generating flavor and usually nicotine—both of these ingredients are harmful to human health. He's a leading researcher on cigarette smoke-mediated lung inflammation and CBD vaping.

Another professor of medicine at the University of Buffalo Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, Vijay Iyer, states that CBD vaping is dangerous. He's an interventional cardiologist. He says, "Use of CBD may not have any direct effect on heart function, but vaping is still not good for health." He also stated that any type of vape is not good at all; most of the people who are health-conscious fall for it because of its false promotion of vaping vitamins, which are usually combined with CBD to make the product more attractive. 

Most lung and heart diseases occur because of vaping CBD or any other substance, said Dr. Iyer. He adds, "Vaping annoys the lungs' inner linning,'' he describes, according to most of the experimenters, that vaping has the power to damage the ability of the inner lining of the blood vessels to make a substance called nitric oxide. He says, "Nitric oxide keeps blood vessels pleasant and comfortable, lowering blood pressure.” “The incapacity of blood vessels can generate clotting and the blood vessels to tighten, which can increase blood pressure levels.”

Dr. Rahman said that e-cigarettes contain chemicals with CBD oil for flavor, and nicotine has their own typical disadvantages. He adds, "The flavors have chemicals that harm the lungs.” Nicotine is not only addictive but also can cause serious risk of cardiovascular, respiratory, and gastrointestinal disorders.

Side Effects of CBD Vaping

According to Experts, Users of vapes CBD oil are not going to notice its harmful effects at first, but after some time, they are certainly going to take some severe precautions for their health. Some of its dangerous side effects are mentioned below:

1. Disease of the Lung or heart:

As mentioned by Dr. Iyer, the Use of vapes damages blood vessels, which raises the risk of lung and heart diseases.

2. Popcorn lung:

Its medical name is bronchiolitis obliterans. Dr. Iyer explains popcorn lung is marked by a buildup of scar tissue in the lungs, which chokes airflow. It's difficult to breathe due to this blockage, forcing wheezing, coughing, and breathing difficulty. Popcorn lung is beyond repair and the reason for lung damage. 

3. Threaten immune health system:

It's been proved by various studies and experiments that vaping CBD causes serious health issues. It damages the immune health system and decreases immune health.

4. Death:

Vaping CBD regularly can take your life. A report on several recorded deaths, in which at least 68 individuals are alleged to have suffered lung problems attributed to vaping between March 2019 and February 2020.

Choosing the Right CBD Vape Products

The number of choices when it comes to buying the best CBD for vaping makes it very difficult to pick the right product. Before you make your decision, here are some recommendations to help you choose the right vape product:

Search for lab-tested Vapes:

Always ensure that the product you intend to buy has been successfully lab-tested and reviewed. This way, you will be able to tell if all the necessary CBD has been added within the advertised dosage concentration. Ensure also that it does not contain such dangerous chemicals as heavy metals, pesticides, and microbes.

Review the ingredients:

Some of these vapes contain harmful substances and can cause health problems. You have to commence by examining the ingredients of that product and anything containing such chemicals as well as artificial flavors. Designate VG and PG goods appropriate for human use.

View the concentration:

CBD e-liquid comes in three different strengths, being low, regular, and strong. A beginner should always commence with a low concentration and slowly move on upward in this process.

Pick the suitable device:

There is a wide selection of disposable and reusable vaping products available in the market today. Choose one awesome product that meets your interests, taste, and lifestyle.

Read reviews:

It is prudent that you first ask other users of a particular company’s Vape regarding what they think about such a company prior to purchasing any vapor product from it. This will provide you with an idea of the type of quality and service offered by such a firm.

Role of Packaging for CBD Safety 

A lot has changed in cbd packaging and we have seen an increase in the use of CBD derived products across the world. Furthermore, CBD oil has been discovered as a healing agent which therefore should be considered in its packaging since individuals are taking it. The vape cartridge packaging determines the quality of the CBD oil as well as its safe usage. Compliance with legislative and other regulations.

CBD oil is a sensitive product that carries liquid in it. That is why the main purpose of the custom cbd boxes is to protect it from things that could affect its quality and safety. CBD oil can be easily spoiled when exposed to air, light, heat, or moisture. Proper packaging helps it from these kinds of damages and keeps the product safe and sound. 

Regulatory Aspects and Legal Considerations

According to Dr. Rahman, regulations of CBD are pierced with loopholes and are quickly forgotten, which affects its safety and ends up in e-cigarettes. His team found out that CBD oil in e-cigarettes usually includes other components, including MCT oil—which is utilized to maintain flavor and, when vaped, it may provoke acute lung toxicity—and THC. "Some companies adds the mixture of THC and CBD oil, when a person vapes it, they feel really good and want them to buy more," said Dr. Rahman. THC is also included in almost every product, even if it is not mentioned in its descriptions. 

"However, it is still unknown and difficult for users to know what they are inhaling in their bodies when using vape products," said Dr. Rahman. In 2019, Virginia Commonwealth University came to know that four of nine CBD vaping liquids researchers tested contained a synthetic cannabinoid compound called 5F-ADB, which is a vibrant ingredient in some synthetic cannabis products (such as Spice, K2, Black Mamba, and Crazy Clown) that’s banned in the U.S. due to its connection to deathly overdoses.

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