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Guide To Travelling With CBD Oil

Guide To Travelling With CBD Oil

The legalities around the use of cannabis and its related product are evolving. The variable laws worldwide make their free use complex for the users. The situation becomes even grimmer for users traveling from one place to another. Moreover, the scrutiny procedures at the checkpoints and strict TSA regulations can leave a traveler with CBD anxious. 

While the masses accept CBD oil with open arms, the lack of uniform laws makes its use confusing. Not just the International legislations but also the contrasting federal and local status leave travelers uncertain. If you are a CBD user who intends to travel with CBD oil, here is a guide that can simplify things for you. 

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Learn About The Source of CBD

Cannabidiol is a cannabis plant derivative. Marijuana and hemp are two different cannabis varieties. A marijuana plant is usually Indica or Sativa, while a Hemp plant is usually Sativa. The chemical composition of both plants is similar except that a hemp plant has low levels of THC. If you intend to travel with any CBD products like oil or edibles Canada, ensure that they are hemp-driven. CBD oil sourced from hemp would not cause intoxication and is fit for medical consumption. Places that permit the free use of hemp products will adopt liberal policies regarding hemp-driven CBD oils. 

Understand The Fluctuating Laws

The Farm bill act in 2018 allows CBD oil with less than 0.3% THC throughout the US. However, you require greater clarity on the legality of its carriage from one place to another. For instance, in Texas, CBD oil with THC greater than 0.0% is illegal unless prescribed to treat epilepsy. Even though you plan to travel to places that allow recreational use of cannabis, ensure that you know the local laws. 

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Keep Your Documentation In Order

Gladly, TSA has some clearly stated guidelines about CBD oil on their website.  In most cases, TSA will accommodate medical CBD oil. Ensure that you keep your documents such as lab test reports, medical prescriptions, declarations, and medical cards to save time through checkpoints. 

Get Acquainted With The Procedure

The standard procedure of carrying CBD may change from one place to another. The check-in procedure usually depends on the land’s general laws, so be prepared to experience some delays. Gather information from the website and your airlines to avoid confusion around the norms. 

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Take Care Of Packaging Requirements

Packaging forms an essential part of carrying CBD oil. While you may want to pack them in a sturdy package to avoid any spill, you also need to have clear packaging. As most of the airlines don’t allow liquid products in carry-on luggage, you must carry them in your check-in luggage. 

The Bottom Line 

Given its potential use in managing travel anxiety, CBD can be a perfect travel partner. The ground rule of taking CBD on your travel trip is to know the laws at your chosen destination. A little preparation, such as sorting documentation and packaging, can save you last-minute troubles. It is advisable to check with your traveling partners for specific regulations.


Written By: Emma Sahlberg

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