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How Can Weed Affect Your Athletic Performance?

How Can Weed Affect Your Athletic Performance?

Anytime the word "weed" comes up, we often picture the negative effects only. However, more of its benefits have been discovered lately. Many scientific examinations have been carried out on weed—also called cannabis or marijuana. And it was discovered that they contain chemical components which are of great benefit to human health. With this, some parts of the world have adopted its legal usage already.

Athletes have been known to use weed—either by smoking or its edible consumption—to boost their performance. This has prompted researchers to carry out some studies on the effect of weed on athletes’ performance. And it was discovered that cannabis has potential benefits to enhance their performance.

In this article, you will discover how weed can positively affect your athletic performance.

Benefits of Weed on Your Athletic Performance

Weed is a combination of three plants which has psychoactive properties. These plants are Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis. These plant flowers are harvested and dried. The dried portion is referred to as weed. There are different ways by which weed positively affects your athletic performance. They include:

Reduces Inflammation

One usefulness of weed to your body as an athlete is its ability to reduce muscle and joint inflammation. It has been discovered that the cannabis component—known as cannabidiol (CBD)—found in them helps ease inflammation. The common muscle and connective tissue inflammation experienced by athletes can be cured with weed. Aside from smoking, you can use the topical product by applying it to the affected area.

Treats Muscle Spasms and Pain

Weed has shown positive results when treating muscle spasms associated with diseases like Parkinson's and multiple sclerosis. Therefore, its use can be extended to athletes suffering from spasms as well. Cannabis has also been found to cure pain. This is one area where it has shown many positive results. You can use the two most valuable weed-covered components—cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)—to cure chronic and acute muscle pains.

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Improve Sleep

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is one of the components of weed found to induce sleep and help people with sleep apnea. Both CBD and THC help to ease REM sleep disorder and daytime fatigue. Thus, the theory is that if you have less time to dream, there is a tendency for a more "deep sleep" state. For you as an athlete, sleep is essential for your overall fitness. It can be extremely beneficial to your athletic performance. With the effective use of weed, you can reduce your stress level, improving your sleep quality.

Energetic Feeling

Athletes who ingest weed feel more energized and motivated to exercise daily. With its consumption, there is an exercise-euphoria that pushes you to do more, leading to better athletic performance. Getting energized from weed consumption can be effectively utilized by having a gym at home. It will help you properly coordinate your daily exercise routine without stepping out of your house. You can get your gym equipment from Tonic Performance. Gym equipment by Tonic Performance is efficient, reliable, and long-lasting.

Improve Mental Health

For every athlete, the well-being of their mind is as important as their physical fitness. More research has shown that weed contains some active ingredients that help improve human mental health. With athletes, it helps their mental game and keeps them more focused during workouts. Cannabis is very effective in preventing seizures and helps manage stress. It also helps reduce anxiety and depression when participating in athletic activities. You can boost your athletic performance by using weed moderately to improve mental health.


Before recent advancements, weed has always been termed a dangerous substance to human health. This has limited its proper utilization for the benefit of the human. However, with the discoveries from researchers, the impact of weed today cannot be overemphasized. They contain cannabinoid components CBD and THC that have many positive effects on human health. Also, research on the effect of weed on athletes’ performance was carried out—which is the main focus of the article—and it was discovered that weed greatly impacts athletic performance. Hence, moderate usage of weed can improve your athletic performance.

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