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How Much Weed Should Someone Try if it is their First Time

How Much Weed Should Someone Try if it is their First Time

Smoking Cannabis for the first time is one of the most memorable and enjoyable experiences if you can reach a ‘perfect high’. To meet this, you must consider both the amount of weed you consume and also the method used to do so.

To avoid a negative experience and a story of “that time I got too high”, there are a few key pieces of advice that will help prevent this. If you are planning to smoke weed for the first time, then these tips might do you some good!


How Much Weed Should I Smoke?

When asking this question, most people want a measurable and definitive amount. A specific weight that will result in the perfect high.

But the truth is that every single one of us will react to cannabis differently.

Cannabis is unique based on its strain and its THC content, and humans each have unique reactions to the cannabinoids that get us high. This means that the right amount of weed for one person might not be enough for another, similar to how our body mass can alter the effect of alcohol intake.

As a rule of thumb, the best cannabis for a new smoker would hang around 12-15% THC content. Your budtenders at a local dispensary will help point you in the right direction, and chances are you won't smoke more than 1/10 of a gram in weight for your first time.

But It is in your best interest then to focus not on the actual weight, and instead more on your hit, as this is a much better way to ‘measure’ how much cannabis you should consume.

Let's keep things simple!

Start with the fact that it is always the better option to not smoke enough and need to smoke more than it is to smoke too much and wish you had not. Because one of those things is in your control, the other at that point is out.

No matter what kind of device you are smoking out of, make sure that your fist puff is nice and mellow, small and controlled. Whether you are smoking from a pipe or a joint, take a moderate pull and inhale deeply into your lungs. Be patient after your first small hit and see how you feel in 10-15 minutes, using this time to really let the effects settle in (and if I sound like I am being too careful, I promise it is worth it!).

If you like where you are at after your first hit, then the best thing to do is not go overboard and simply enjoy it! If you really do not feel the effects too intensely, then take another small hit and again wait and see.

Just keep taking it really slow and steady, and the key for a new smoker is to just stop while you're ahead!

Stop before you go overboard, as it is often that people never smoke again because of a bad first experience. With time you will further understand your limits and you will be able to endure much higher highs, but for now just keep things controlled!


Things to Avoid When Getting High for the First Time


The best thing to do when getting high for the first time is to avoid edibles. Edibles metabolize at different rates and strengths for us all, and they take a really long time to kick in, so it is hard to gauge exactly how much edible is right for you.

If an edible is your only option, however, then your best bet is to consume about 2-3 grams to get a 'little high'. 3-5 grams for the first time should really do you in, and remember, edibles sneak up on you; so do not eat more just because you think you need it!

For the best way to smoke for the first time, you want to stick to a pipe that is clean and straightforward. A spoon pipe is an excellent choice, but they don't feature any water filtration and therefore can provide a harsh and hot hit.

Generally, a really big bong is something you want to stay away from as a first-timer. But if you would like a great way to purchase a pipe to smoke from for the first time, and one that you can enhance and build on with experience, then you should check out a customizable build a bong.

Begin with the most basic of designs in your build a bong (like a small beaker base and straight tube combination) for a perfect first time smoking pipe and work your way up.

Take a really small hit on your forever piece and you will enjoy the benefits that the water filtration provides. It's a cleaner and smoother hit on your first-time lungs and the high will be nice and clear. 

Then, when desired, simply add new pieces as you grow on your bong!

Tip, for an even smoother hit if you are worried about coughing, add a piece of ice to the ice catcher if possible!


CBD For Practice

Smoking CBD will not get you high, but CBD offers a wide array of positive health effects and it is a great way to introduce yourself to cannabis before actually smoking cannabis.

CBD buds will help you get used to smoking flower and get used to the feeling of a hit on your throat. This is a great way to learn your pipe and its smoke delivery abilities. CBD will also introduce you to a very mellow and relaxing feeling, kind of like a warm-up to THC.

For any new cannabis consumer, taking some time to enjoy CBD first will do nothing but help get you ready for your first time smoking cannabis.


Written by: Sussie Barry

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