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How Packaging Affects the Quality of Cannabis Products

How Packaging Affects the Quality of Cannabis Products

As the cannabis industry is undergoing legalization in the states of Canada and many U.S. states, they are experiencing a boom in the last few years. Cannabis products are popular both recreationally and medicinally. Still, unlike several other consumable products, they are subject to several restrictions and they include packaging restrictions as well. For various cannabis manufacturers, it means limited chances for advertising their products physically. Let’s explore how cannabis manufacturers can package their products properly and their effects on the quality of products.

Regulations governing cannabis packaging

Packing all the cannabis products for maintaining their quality is not done just for achieving client satisfaction. It is also the law. As cannabis is extremely sensitive and can make a direct impact on the clientele, the governing bodies have placed together several regulations for protecting the safety and health of the general population. Many of these regulations concentrate on improving the accessibility and visual appeal of the package while other regulations concentrate on maintaining the product away from all the contamination. There are many guidelines prescribed by the government relating to cannabis packaging.

  • The package has to be plain in its appearance including the labels.
  • The packaging must not show characters, persons, or animals fictional or real.
  • The packaging must not contain any visual or emotional branding such as glamourization of cannabis use.
  • The packaging must not have packaging windows for showing the interiors.
  • It must not contain in the excess of 30 gm of dried cannabis or other cannabis products.

Labeling requirements

Apart from the various regulations about how cannabis products are to be packed, many restrictions apply to the way products are labeled. For instance, the label has to,

  • Be securely printed or applied over the packaging.
  • Be displayed over the main display of the container surface, normally the biggest side of the bag.
  • Contain the necessary child safety and health warnings with CBD and THC content amounts.
  • Has an expiry date printed visibly for the products cannabis extracts and dried cannabis?
  • Guide storage such as avoiding direct light and temperature.

When you are complying with these guidelines, you are showing that cannabis products are safe for use and they meet all the safety standards. The guidelines provided by specific governments about packing cannabis can be found online.

Great cannabis packaging

Taking into account all the requisite regulations and the necessity of protecting consumer health it may appear challenging to find the right packaging for your cannabis products. But, by working with proper cannabis packaging suppliers you will be able to safely pack and dispense the quality products you have prepared with ease. Cannabis companies can't rely on distinguishable packaging or branding for selling their products. For making sure that packaging is reflecting product quality the cannabis manufacturers have to use packaging that will meet all the regulations and protect the freshness of their products. For instance, re-closable bags from RXDco are a great choice for packaging cannabis. They come with several benefits such as,

  • Being capable of blocking bacteria and mold from entering.
  • Having neutral looks.
  • They are sealable thereby decreasing the negative exposure to air and light.
  • They have a child-resistant zip that is useful for preserving freshness.

What is great about RXDco is that their packaging is fully compliant with all the government regulations ensuring that these products reflect the real quality to the clientele. There are endless possibilities offered by these packers adding value to the brand.


If you are a maker of cannabis products looking to sell cannabis products professionally and safely, you are going to need quality packaging for making sure that your products comply with government standards. The alternative is not only a legal measure but has features such as scalability to make sure that the product is safe from tampering and is good for the wellbeing of the clientele. There is a range of packaging alternatives available for cannabis medical products such as pouches and labels. Good packers are devoted to making available just the safer packaging available in the market and the clients can have some peace of mind that their products are fresh and suitable for consumption.

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