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How to Grow and Maintain Weed Indoors

How to Grow and Maintain Weed Indoors

Has your attempt to grow weed indoors left you with frustrating results? Well, you are not alone. Most people struggle to get it right when starting out. Nevertheless, once you get the hang of it, it can be rewarding. You get to harvest high-quality yields multiple times a year having grown them privately and securely away from judgmental eyes.

It might interest you to know that growing cannabis indoors isn’t that complicated. It is actually straightforward and easy with the right information and a little time to dedicate to the task. Below is what you need to know about growing and maintaining your weed indoor garden. 

What you need

First things first, it is important that you ensure that you have everything you need before starting growing your weed. For starters, weed is very particular in the climate that it needs to grow. You will need a dehumidifier and a heater to regulate the temperature if it’s cold. If it is too hot, a fan or AC is needed for cooling down the air. You also need to have exhaust fans to ensure good airflow in your grow space. Just like any other plant, weed requires the right amount of light to flourish. 

If you are wondering how to grow marijuana indoors where light is limited, you can grow your plants indoors under LED grow lights. These reflect the full spectrum of the sun, use less electricity, and last longer compared to other lights. However, invest in a timer or automation to ensure that you are allowing the right amount of light for your plants. Lastly, you need to have pots, quality potting mix, watering can, nutrients and equipment for measuring the temperature, humidity, and PH.

Setting up your grow room

Setting your grow room starts with selecting a good space in your home to grow your weed. The size of your garden will largely depend on the amount of cannabis that you want to grow as well as the space that is available. Just be sure that it is well ventilated, somewhat hidden so that you can have more control. This could be a spare room at the back, a closet, basement, or garage. It should also be near a water and electricity source. It is important that your grow room is well insulated to avoid light leakages when your plants need total darkness. In addition, use reflective colors such as white on the walls to enhance the reflection of light for your plants. If you are growing them on a grow box, tent, or any other closed area, use reflective material on the inside. You can then set the lights, fans, HVAC, dehumidifier, and exhaust fans ready for your plants.

Caring for your plants

You will need to put in the work if you want to see your plants thrive. For starters, you need to ensure that your weed is getting the right amount of light each day depending on the growth phase. Ideally, weed requires 18 hours of light in the vegetative phase and 12 hours of light in the flowering stage. Darkness is equally important in growing cannabis. Ensure that the plants receive total darkness the rest of the hours. In addition, weed requires a temperature of 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit and 70% humidity in the seedling stage, 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit and 40-60% humidity in the vegetative phase, and 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit and 40-50% humidity in the flowering stage. Use your thermometer and hygrometer to ensure these levels in every phase. 

You will need to use the heater, fans, and dehumidifier to control these conditions whenever needed. Fresh air is also very important in the growth of cannabis. Ensure good airflow for ample supply of carbon dioxide for the plants, as well as for prevention of molds and pest infestation. In addition, make sure that you are giving your plants enough water. However, make sure that you measure the water PH before watering. The ideal PH level for cannabis is 6.0-7.0; add up or down depending on your findings. 

Controlling odors

While you may be comfortable with the marijuana smell indoors- which is unlikely- it can be an inconvenience for your neighbors. Besides, most local jurisdictions require you to contain the odors for your neighbor’s convenience. You can use activated charcoal filters in your grow room to reduce the odors. Odor absorbing gels also work well in masking marijuana smells with other scents. Controlling the temperature, humidity as well as ensuring a good airflow also goes a long way in bringing down the smell. 

Growing weed for business

Besides growing cannabis for your own use, it can be a business venture to bring in an extra source of income. Of course, you would need a large area to turn your hobby into a money-making affair. To make the most of it, it is wiser to partner with cannabis business consulting firms. These are experts knowledgeable in the cannabis industry and can help you succeed in the field. Through cannabis business consulting services, you will be equipped with all insights and legalities regarding growing weed on a large scale for business.  


As said earlier, growing weed indoors isn’t that daunting. You just need to be prepared with all that you need and set them appropriately in your grow room. You also need to shower your plants with tender love and care as shown above. If you want to grow it for business, you can trust the help of the experts in the field.

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