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How To Make Perfect Bath Session With CBD Bath Bombs?

How To Make Perfect Bath Session With CBD Bath Bombs?

For most of us, a bath is a luxury we don’t have the time for, especially early in the morning when we’re in a rush to tackle the to-do list for the day. When night comes around, we are usually too tired to do anything other than lying on the sofa and binge-watch the latest series.

Baths may not be an everyday occasion, but consider swapping one night of television a week to sit in a tub and soak your worries away. There is something therapeutic about a bath session.

It requires you to do nothing except lie still and listen to the water trickling on your body.

Bathing accessories and products are various, all of which can help you create the ultimate relaxing night, and with CBD bath bombs now on the market, your baths can go to another level.


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What are CBD bath bombs?

Cannabinol (CBD) is like marijuana in structure, and it also comes from the same plant species. However, there is one critical difference between the two compounds. While marijuana contains a high THC level, which leads to users getting high, hemp-derived CBD has less than 0.3 percent THC. There is no risk of getting high, overdosing, paranoia, or experiencing more anxiety because of mind-altering effects.

Research on CBD is limited. However, experts have revealed CBD’s potential to help with various chronic and mental health issues, including anxiety, insomnia, depression, infertility, menopause, cancer, and more. It is no wonder that many users have become curious about this natural compound, and seeing as it causes no harmful side effects, choosing CBD is a more obvious choice.

This natural compound comes in many forms. You can find the trusted CBD oil in UK, tinctures, there are edibles, balms, soaps, bath bombs, and more. From cotton candy hues to darker, more dramatic colors, bath bombs have been trending these last few years as a fantastic way of elevating your bathing session. Now, with CBD infused bath bombs, you can create the ultimate bath session to ease your anxiety, forget about the stresses of your week and take a moment to be still.


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How to create the ultimate bath session with CBD bath bombs

The playlist

Start by creating an atmosphere with music. Choose songs that will infuse you with a sense of peace and shut down your incessant thoughts for a while. Spotify and YouTube are both excellent sources for music. Find a playlist with instrumental music, soft indie songs, or whatever tunes bring you peace.

Put the do not disturb sign on

This goes for your phone, your family, and your mind. Your bath time should be an uninterrupted session, so silence for phone and tell whoever you live with that you need some quiet time. Be sure you have no pressing tasks that you need to do after the bath. It would be best if you did these things before, so you don’t have the pressure to get out of the tub.


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Set the mood with lighting

Most of us underestimate the power of the right lighting. For your bath, you don’t want a spotlight shining right in your face. Instead, invest in candles or switch on more subtle lighting that doesn’t shine directly on your eyes.

Remove any clutter

Ideally, do this task earlier in the day, so you don’t end up cleaning instead of relaxing. You probably have enough clutter in your mind, so try to organize your surroundings. Remove dirty clothes from the floor, put things back in their drawers, and give yourself the space you need with a little cleanliness.


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Bring on the warm water

Warm water on tense shoulders is how you will help your body and mind relax, so make sure there is plenty. It’s always better to delay the bath by half an hour to make sure there is enough warm water rather than ending up cold and with even more tension in your shoulders.

Drop the bomb

Once the water is at the level that suits you best, it is time to drop the CBD bath bomb. Some prefer to drop the bomb before they get in the bath to watch the water turn into the bomb’s beautiful colors. Others prefer to get in the tub and then drop the bomb so they can enjoy the bubbling sensation of the bomb on their body. There is no rule here. Whatever you prefer goes.

Prepare a bath pillow

A small towel should be enough to do the trick here. Place it at the level of your head so you can rest on something soft while you are relaxing.


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Be still

It may take you a while to quieten the mind, but you can get there. Focusing on your breathing rather than your thoughts is one way of experiencing the present moment to the full.

Once you get out of the bath, don’t waste all that effort by spending an hour browsing or going back to the television. Give your face a thorough clean, use a scrub and body butter for your body, and head to bed buzzing from the peaceful experience. 


Written By: Tammy Taylor

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