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Industrial Hemp Production in Kentucky by Year’s End

Industrial Hemp Production in Kentucky by Year’s End

By Dalton Rosario

The diversity of functions that Industrial Hemp can be used for are universal in application, limited only to the extent of our imaginations. It’s properties allow for the production of textiles, clothing fabrics, paper, plastic, biofuel, dietary supplements derived from hemp oils abundant in essential fatty acids, and a lighter, stronger more sustainable alternative to concrete - just to name a few. The DEA has been infamous for making it near impossible for cultivators to earn a license to produce industrial hemp despite its multifaceted utility and industrial economic benefits. But this is soon to change in Kentucky by year’s end if Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has his way. Proposed in a provision to the 2018 Farm Bill, McConnell guarantees that the manufacturing of industrial hemp will be legalized in Kentucky justifiable by the implications of demand from international markets. “It has a lot of potential. As all of you already know, both in terms of food and medicine. But also car parts. I mean this is an extraordinary plant. So I am hopeful.” Remarked McConnell in a recent interview. 

States like Kentucky unapologetically embracing the applications of industrial hemp and its potential for agricultural developments are monumental for the U.S. entering the international cannabis market as an economic powerhouse distinct in our strides of ingenuity and innovation in this bustling global industry. Not only do affirmations like that from McConnell denote progress for the positive momentum of cannabis gaining mainstream approval in public forums; but this also allows for prime example of state-backed legislation providing viable means of taxation, regulation and commercialization for the agriculture, textile and manufacturing industries directly benefiting from the investment of industrial hemp and its derivates.   

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