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Industrial Hemp Production in Vermont Increases 450% from 2017-2018

Industrial Hemp Production in Vermont Increases 450% from 2017-2018

By Dalton Rosario

Vermont has become an avid supporter of industrial hemp production for CBD based derivates. Well known for its industrious roots in agriculture, it is a logical progression for native farmers of Vermont to venture into a budding commodity like hemp. The Green Mountain State bolsters some of the east coast‚Äôs most promising land for cultivation and local markets are increasing in hemp demand accordingly. ¬†As cited by Stephanie Smith, Chief Policy Enforcement Officer from Vermont‚Äôs Agency of Agriculture, ‚ÄúIn 2017, 87 registered hemp farmers cultivated 550 acres of land, while in 2018 450 documented farmers cultivated over 3,000 acres of land.‚ÄĚ

That represents a +400% increase in registered farmers from 2017-2018 and a 450% increase in lands cultivated for industrial hemp. The Northeast Corridor is booming with state support for pro-cannabis legislation. Providing a footprint for reformation on the east coast and paving the way for emerging markets like in the midwest to adopt meaningful policies for regulating commercial use of recreational cannabis.   

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