Is A Dry Herb Vaporizer Worth It?

Is A Dry Herb Vaporizer Worth It?

It would seem that those that use cannabis regularly are gravitating towards alternative methods to smoking their weed. 

Smoking cannabis is no better for your lungs and throat than smoking tobacco. Most people really hate the raw burning feeling that so often comes with smoking cannabis.

Some cannabis smokers use water pipes or bongs because even though they are still smoking, the water bong helps to filter out some of the toxic carcinogens of the smoke as it circulates through the water. 

The water also helps to cool the smoke and can prevent it from irritating the throat and lungs as much.

Why Use A Dry Herb Vaporizer?

Another device on the market for use with cannabis is dry herb vaporizers. These little vaping machines have become so popular in recent years. There are two types and they work a little differently.

The conduction variety has the herb sit directly on the heat source. It will heat the cannabis without burning it so that you get all the benefits the herb offers without toxic carcinogens. 

The terpenes and cannabinoids are turned into a gas without the combustion of the plant material. However, the conduction dry herb vaporizer may not heat the plant material as evenly and may use up your weed faster.

Convection dry herb vaporizers do basically the same thing, except that the herb is housed separately from the heat source. The steamy air circulates all around the herb heating it much more evenly. It can make your weed last longer.

Better Taste From Your Cannabis

When cannabis is smoked, it will have a burned taste and smell because it is literally set on fire. When you use a dry herb vaporizer, the herb is only heated enough to release the terpenes and cannabinoids that you want and provide the best benefits of the plant. 

The terpenes in the herb have a more pleasant smell than when the plant material is burned. For many, the vaporized terpenes can deliver a more pleasing and soothing experience when compared to smoking.

Adjustable Temperature Settings

If you are someone that uses cannabis on a regular basis, especially for medicinal purposes, then you want to get the most from your herb that you can. Dry herb vaporizers have temperature control so you can adjust it according to which cannabis compounds you want to release. But some of the best vaporizers have very precise temperature control.

Terpenes are at their best at a lower temp setting, while CBD and THC are more readily released at higher temperatures. 

When you smoke cannabis in a joint or pipe, the only temperature you get it very hot. Your weed burns up faster and there is no control over the cannabis compounds. We have a guide about vaping temps that you also need to read.

Prices Can Vary A Great Deal

As with many things you want to purchase, most of the time there are price options. This is also true when it comes to buying a dry herb vaporizer. 

You can purchase a simple herb vaporizer anywhere from about fifty bucks on up into several hundred. Your budget will dictate how much you can spend, but generally, the more you invest, the better quality the vaporizer you get.

In cheaper models, the temperature controls may not be as accurate as they will be in a more expensive model. Also, conduction dry herb vaporizers are usually cheaper than the convection dry herb vaporizers. 

There are different styles you can choose from like a dry herb vape pen, a portable hand-held, or a tabletop vaporizer. While vape pens and hand-held models use batteries and can be rechargeable, tabletop models are usually made to plug into an outlet.

Overall, most people that own a dry herb vaporizer think they are definitely worth it! 

Vaping is less toxic for your health than smoking your herb, it makes your herb taste better, and in the long run, it helps to make your herb last longer than burning it up all at once.

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