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Marijuana-Inspired Presents For Special Stoner Friends

Marijuana-Inspired Presents For Special Stoner Friends

Do you enjoy getting high around your friends and peers? You’re not alone. However, most of us barely ever think to gift such special friends with special stoner presents.

A quick online search will introduce you to a wealth of stoner gifts. However, the downside is that most of them are loud, cheap, and covered with those tacky pot leaves.

We bring you some genuinely classy gifts – from artisanal beauty to ultra-luxe practicality, these products have it all. Here are our top choices for the coolest cannabis products:

The Stashtray By Myster

The Stashtray isn’t just an ashtray or a weed storage unit—it’s an essential stoner’s box that you can use to store weed, grind it, and clean your pipes. It contains a beautiful magnetic-grade, hand-welded stainless steel rolling tray that you can magnetically attach rolling papers and other accessories to.

Puffco Peak Pro

The Peak Pro holds up to 40% more concentrate than the Puffco Peak, its predecessor. While it’s easily the priciest smoking accessory on this list, it makes up for its expense a hundred times over through the smooth hits it provides the user. It’s an atomizer on which you can set the temperature and enjoy your cannabis concentrate the way it’s meant to be enjoyed. It’s a true weed connoisseur’s accessory. 


Beaker Bowl by Myster

What happens when you take a classic water pipe but make it smaller? The Beaker Bowl by Myster makes convenient smoking into an art form through its flat bottom that lets you stand it up on surfaces without having to worry about whether it’ll roll off and spill over. It comes in three colors: Cobalt Blue, Snow White, and Black Out. 

Dry Herb Vaporizer By Contak

Contak’s Dry Herb Vaporizer maximizes simplicity and efficiency to elevate your vaping game. It’s one of the best smoking accessories around and includes a cleaning brush, USB charging cable, and two silicone tips. Its temperature dial enables you to enjoy all the flavors optimally, and its small size makes it discreet and convenient to carry around. 

TerpTimer by OCTAVE

If you enjoy using dab nails, you’ll love the TerpTimer. It’s the perfect cannabis oil vaporizer that takes the guesswork away from your smoking experience so you can get the ideal hit each time you use it. It’s a highly customizable weed smoking accessory with a user-friendly interface that comes in two sleek finishes. 

Joint Roller by OTTO

OTTO’s Joint Roller makes rolling easy for beginners and seasoned stoners alike. This is the perfect gift for that friend who hasn’t yet mastered rolling an ideal joint or a time-saver for experienced smokers. Its precise technology controls direction, pressure, and speed to account for the material’s texture and consistency to produce a perfect cone within seconds each time.

Nicole Rucker’s Gummies For Rose Delights

What’s better than supporting local brands while also satisfying your cravings for edibles? 

That’s right. Nothing!

 These gummies are organic and available in single-strain CBD or THC full-spectrum versions. They are an exceptional treat with natural flavors concocted from fruits from the San Joaquin valley. 


GeoPipe by Stonedware

You might think that a ceramic or stoneware pipe is a cliché choice for a weed-themed gift, but the incredible utility and beautiful look of Stonedware’s GeoPipe will change your mind. With its easy-to-clean interior and glazed sides, it’s a truly special gift, made all the more unique since it’s hand-cast in porcelain and hand-painted. 


Rolling Tray by Myster

Myster’s Stand-Alone Rolling Tray redefines functionality with its stainless steel body. You can gift it individually or alongside other Myster accessories attached to the rolling tray using magnetic stickers. These accessories include the Mini Magnetic Ashtray, 4-piece Grinder, and Magnetic Storage Pods

Glass Beaker Bongs by MAV

While cannabis smoking accessories show us new ways to enjoy weed, the classic glass bong is still favored by many. MAV’s glass beaker bongs are sturdy due to the outward-flared bases that also allow them to hold more water and provide the user with smoother, heavier hits that retain the flavor and purity of the material. 


Mini Grinder And Lighter Set In Lizard By Haus of Topper

These accessories are for the classy stoner—the one who enjoys the finer things in life. Haus of Topper’s Mini Grinder and Lighter Set are made in Brooklyn, New York, with stainless steel and zinc alloy, and made fabulous through lizard inlay and high-shine gold. The lighter case is classic, reusable, and fits a J5 mini Bic lighter within it. 


Cannabis Infused Lip Balm By Catbird

Catbird’s Cannabis Infused Lip Balm contains certified organic cannabis sativa oil to keep the user’s lips hydrated by building a natural barrier. It smells heavenly thanks to the beeswax, peppermint, grapeseed pol, primrose oil, rosemary extract, cocoa butter, and Vitamin E oil—almost good enough to eat! 


Get The Coolest Cannabis Products And Weed Smoking Accessories Online

Your friends will definitely enjoy the cannabis accessories you get them. Whether it’s a small vaporizer as a stocking stuffer, a classic glass pipe, or fancy edibles, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. 

Help your friends enjoy their stoning sessions in style. 


Written By: Ian Haynes

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