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Myster Masks and Filters

Myster Masks and Filters

The Mask by Myster looks different than the original Mock-Up Image because we made a number of improvements to the design.

The original design focused on just the face, but we've included the adjustable neck strap. It was added to keep pressure off the ears (the number one complaint about masks currently). This keeps you protected and comfortable. 

The valve covers allow you to change their direction, so you can keep your breath off of someone else in a conversation. With directional valve covers, you can choose where you want your breath to go on both sides, so no foggy glasses like traditional masks.  

We've also added a nose clamp for a great seal without the irritation. 

Don't forget that the masks require a filter to work. Each mask comes with one filter automatically, but you can pick up packs of 10, 20, or 50 filters for future use.

These five-layer filters have a 95% filtration efficiency and feature an activated charcoal layer that absorbs bacteria and keeps out odor.

These masks, and any filters, ordered during the pre-order period, will begin being distributed in May, right on time with our initial estimate.  


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