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Massachusetts Opens First Recreational Cannabis Shops on East Coast

Massachusetts Opens First Recreational Cannabis Shops on East Coast

By Dalton Rosario

At just an hour’s drive away from one other, Cultivate Holdings in Leicester, MA and New England Treatment Access (NETA) in Northampton, MA are the first two retail cannabis shops to open its doors on the east coast. Taking two years since having been voted legal for recreational adult use in Massachusetts, today November 20, 2018 marks a historic turning point for the United States. With 63% of Americans in favor of cannabis legalization nationwide, our country now supports pro-cannabis state legislation from coast to coast. Recreational sales are estimated in the billions within the first two years alone, and a 20% combined state and local cannabis sales tax is projected to earn an additional $215M according to the Massachusetts Department of Health.

Prospective buyers simply need a state issued driver’s license verifying an age of 21 or over to purchase up to 28 grams per day. As to be expected with newly implemented distribution channels, increased demand from visitors in neighboring states combined with local traffic will most likely hike up prices in response to impending supply shortages, though pre-mature market volatility will surely level off as Massachusetts builds upon practices and policies proven effective from pioneer states like Colorado and Washington. Another victory for anti-prohibition and the year is not over yet.

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