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Six Innovators Taking Cannabis Consumption To The Next Level!

Six Innovators Taking Cannabis Consumption To The Next Level!

While cannabis was socially frowned upon and the subject of several misconceptions until a few years ago; as a niche product, its legalization and subsequent acceptance has allowed its market cap to increase drastically in the last few years.

Cannabis is used globally for recreational purposes, and 12% of US adults smoke it. And this has piqued the interest of business leaders and disruptors who are on the lookout for ways to use it in everything from beverages to beauty products and more.

It is estimated that by 2022, the global consumer spending on Cannabis is set to reach $32 billion ‚Äď 3 times its current level. With innovation leading the way for this industry, people are always on the look out for high-end smoking accessories for sale.

Let’s explore some new ideas and idea-makers that are enhancing this product’s acceptability.

Key Innovations Leading The Future Of Cannabis

Cannabis brands are coming up with exciting new products that promise to make your experience better and the market more profitable.

Here are our favorites:

Innovation In Cultivation

Cannabis growing apps like Botana, Growbuddy, and many others, help in achieving quality Cannabis harvest. The apps can include step-by-step plans, instructions, or even a platform to connect with other growers.

Innovation in cannabis cultivation is bringing the central focus on genetics and breeding of Cannabis using high technology. By creating different cannabis DNA sequences, manufacturers can come up with new flavors and plants that are resistant to pests.

Eco-Friendly Measures

Climate and lighting control have been described as the two most energy-intensive equipment by The Energy Use in the Colorado Cannabis Industry 2018 report.

Businesses in this niche are increasingly turning towards solar, wind, water conservation, and energy-efficient HVAC systems to reduce operational costs.

Innovation in Consumption

Smoking up your stash has been the popular way of cannabis consumption. However, innovations have created newer methods of enjoying your cannabis dosage.

From hemp water-based flavored sodas to tropical creams that help with pain and inflammation, innovation has allowed us to consume cannabis in ways previously not deemed possible.

You can also use CBD oil, a safer, more natural alternative, where the body absorbs the applied substance. Another popular way to consume cannabis is by simply  ; using cannabis concentrates made by extracting THC.

In short, consumption options are no longer limited to just firing up a joint; there are a plethora of possibilities to explore.

Apart from the many strains and edible selections, companies are tirelessly working to enhance your cannabis-taking experience by introducing new gear and smoking accessories.

Resource Reduction

According to Higher Yields, new methods have enabled water usage to be reduced by almost 97%.

Additionally, Sense, a San Fransisco grower, started running on 100% renewable energy last year. Innovations like these improve business by reducing bills and also providing sustainability to the industry.

Top 6 Innovative Cannabis Businesses

As more people turn to recreational or medical use of Cannabis and its by-products, there is a greater need for accessories that optimize the experience for them. This has led to propagation in the manufacturing and marketing of high-end accessories for sale.

Here’s a list of our favorite manufacturers of high-end accessories that promise to revolutionize the cannabis consumption experience:


This new brand has already been featured on Hypebeast, High Times, and Viceland and has a range of high-end accessories for all cannabis enthusiasts. Their cannabis accessories include the stashtray, switchblaze, dry herb vaporizer, grinder, magnetic storage pods, hookr, terp timer, grip, and masks.


Octave is another popular brand making waves in the Cannabis community. They have engineered a device to take your dabbing game up by many notches. The revolutionary Terp Timer By OCTAVE throws guesswork out of the equation when nailing down to the right temperature when dabbing. Usage could not be any simpler ‚ÄĒ dial in an exact temperature, and the terp timer will beep once it is reached.

The UI is seamless, and the terp timer can run for up to 3 months on one full charge. Gone are the days when a burnt aftertaste hampered your dabbing experience!

Cheech Glass

Founded in 2010 in Toronto, this cannabis accessories company sells a wide variety of products, including bongs, dab rigs, bubblers, grinders, and pipes, at reasonable prices.

Tokyo Smoke

Tokyo Smoke is another Cannabis brand that’s trying to remove the stigma attached to cannabis smoking. They offer a wide range of accessories that expert and beginner users of Cannabis can benefit from. The range includes pipes, bongs, lighters, vaporizers, rolling trays as well as cleaning supplies.

Verde Vie

This Canadian brand is uniquely feminine. Cute designs and colors are the characteristics of this brand that make it truly fun and highly functional.


A group of university students launched this brand, coming together to play their part in de-stigmatizing cannabis usage and introducing creative cannabis accessories. One of their most notable designs is a hexagon-shaped ceramic bong. You can also find a range of pipes and rolling trays in their product line-up.

Wrapping Up

With so many promising products in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. Remember to keep up an eye out for these and other brands introducing unique products that deliver the dopest Cannabis smoking experience!


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