Image by trailblazin from Pixabay
Cannabis is that sticky green herb — except it isn’t always green. Purple Haze, Agent Orange, Black Russian, Blueberry and Rainbow Kush; the names of these strains and others describe the veritable kaleidoscope of colors that can develop on cannabis...
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Photo by Aphiwat chuangchoem from Pexels
Times are gone when plants were reserved for the garden away from homes. Today, you would be missing many benefits if you aren’t growing plants in your home. For starters, growing plants at home allows you to bring nature into...
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5 Mistakes To Avoid While Growing Cannabis
Cannabis is growing in popularity at a rate we’ve never seen before. Whether for recreational or medical purposes, more people start using the plant for the first time every day. However, there’s more to cannabis than just smoking and vaping....
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