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The Beautiful Connection Between Cannabis and Music

The Beautiful Connection Between Cannabis and Music

There has long been a relationship between cannabis and music. Long before recreational cannabis was made legal in so many parts of the world, musicians were clearly getting a lot out of the herb. The culture of music and cannabis dates back largely to the 1960s when a lot of musicians were very open about their experience with marijuana. High-profile figures including The Beatles were among those who talked about using weed at the time.

So, is there something to it? Is there more of a connection than we previously realized? As time has gone on, more studies have taken place, with some people claiming that the powerful connection between the substance and the hobby of music is more prevalent than previously thought. So let’s find out more about this magical connection before choosing cannabis strains next time.

Reports on auditory changes when high on cannabis

There have been many reports of auditory ‚Äúchanges‚ÄĚ when you are high on cannabis. After smoking a joint or consuming weed in any other way, a lot of people have found that they feel like they hear differently.

You may feel like you perceive different types of music differently, or get more enjoyment out of music. It stands to reason that being high on cannabis would have an impact when writing music, too. 

It may be that people feel like they are hearing differently due to a slightly mind-altered state. There have been some studies in the subject which have actually reported quite different findings.

Is there a scientific explanation for these changes?

Studies have definitely shown mixed results. It is thought that what some people perceive as a change in hearing could just be that they are feeling happier in general and therefore taking more joy from the music. It could be dopamine taking an effect.

However, many believe that both THC and CBD have a big part to play in the way our audio systems are stimulated. One study leaned more towards CBD being more important than THC when stimulating those systems in our body. It could be that the non-psychoactive substances in cannabis have just as big a role to play.

Cannabis can almost undeniably make you more creative, which definitely plays a big part.

Research shows that creativity and creative activity tends to take place in the frontal lobe of the brain. Taking weed seems to increase the cerebral blood flow (CBF) to this area and make it more active, so in general people feel more creative having taken marijuana. Read more about this study here.

Are the experiences personal and what they depend on?

Of course, everyone’s experience is different, but the majority of people do report feeling more creative once they have consumed marijuana, and enjoying music on a different level. Whether this is just a heightened level of dopamine or not, it doesn’t necessarily matter as the key thing is that the relationship undeniably exists.

Experience is definitely very personal. You might find yourself wanting to listen to different types of music when you are high, and you may find a desire to be creative that wasn’t there beforehand.

The experience can also depend on other factors like the mood you are in, how tired you are, and the strain of marijuana, as we’ll explore below. 

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Are there specific strains to bring out auditory changes?

While some studies have shown that CBD is the more important of the substances in cannabis when it comes to the relationship with music, there is some debate about the types of strain and their auditory changes.

It is likely that you will find cannabis that keeps you feeling active and alert will make you enjoy music more, with more of a wakeup for your senses.

There are plenty of people who have taken a lot of time exploring cannabis strains for music, and who could blame them. You might find that a certain type of weed matches well with a genre of music. Upbeat hip-hop might pair well with a weed that keeps you feeling alert, while you may want something more mellow with a strain of cannabis that induces sleepy feelings.


There is still a lot that we do not fully understand about cannabis, but we do know that studies have shown a lot of links between music, creativity, and weed. Some people even take marijana to treat issues such as tinnitus which can be debilitating.

Most people agree that the experience of listening to music is different after marijuana. 

The relationship between weed and music has been there for a long time, and though the two can be enjoyed separately, they can also be enjoyed together, and weed can be paired with different styles of music. Working out which strains you want to enjoy could be an opportunity to have some fun either alone or with friends.

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