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The Most Effective Method To Avoid Coil Gunk When You Vape

The Most Effective Method To Avoid Coil Gunk When You Vape

One of the most common problems for regular vapers in coils is gunk build up. Coil gunk is residual e-liquid that is partially vaporized and sticks to the coil. Over time, based on usage, the gunk builds up into a thick and dark crust layer that could significantly affect a vape juice's taste and throat hit. 

Vape coils play a crucial role in converting the e-juice to vapor. Gunk build-up can induce a burnt taste and harsh experience as this layer gets heated every time the device is powered. It can also reduce the lifetime of the coil.

Replacing the coil is the easiest way to get rid of the gunk. But coils are quite expensive, and replacing them more often can be counterintuitive as the new coil will face the same fate. So why not think about eliminating the gunk? Well, here we will discuss a few simple steps to reduce and eradicate gunk from your coils to extend its lifetime.  

Prefer Low Power Vaping

A major problem that causes the accumulation of coil gunk is using too much e-liquid. If you are a chain vaper or a heavy vaper, you will notice that your e-juice starts to give a burnt taste within just a few hours of replacing the coil. It is typically due to the high wattage settings of powerful box mods that consumes a lot of juice. 

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One way to eliminate this problem is to choose strong nicotine concentrations for your e-juice. Sometimes low levels of nicotine trigger more frequent vaping to satisfy your cravings. Strong nicotine liquids with mods can be an incredible combination to enjoy a satisfying vaping experience. You can look for high-quality coils and buy smok coils online to provide an optimal vaping experience with nicotine e-liquids. 

Alternatively, you can also explore low wattage devices that will consume lesser e-liquid. It will reduce the usage of e-juice that will alleviate the gunk build up as well. 

Monitor your vaping habits to ensure you are not vaping frequently. One easy way to recognize if you are vaping too much is by analyzing the wick. If you see black spots on your wick, chances are your coil is heavily saturated with gunk from vaporizing a lot of e-juice. 

Avoid E-juices With Sweeteners.

Flavors are the soul of vaping and play a crucial role in providing a satisfactory experience. Today, there are wide varieties of flavor offerings that include dessert and fruit options. These e-liquids are usually sweet and more pleasing for vapers. 

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Based on the flavor you choose, you will see a varying level of sweeteners used in the many e-liquids. The problem with these compounds is that, unlike the rest of the constituents of the e-liquid, such as nicotine, or PG, they are relatively harder to vaporize. Vaporizations tends to leave behind a residue of the sweetener on the coil that builds up into a thick, sticky layer over time. The sucralose deposit also caramelizes and starts to give you a burnt taste. 

The best solution for this problem would be to avoid sweetened liquids to reduce gunk build-up chances. This way, you can vape for hours without having to worry about the compounds depositing on the coil. You can also explore e-liquid flavors containing a lower concentration of sweeteners to relish the vapors without compromising the flavors entirely.  

Avoid VG-Rich Liquids 

VG or vegetable glycerine is a common constituent of most e-juices. The ingredient influences the vapor density of the e-liquid to give a fun and exciting vaping experience. Compared to PG or propylene glycol, it is a thick and highly dense liquid that reduces the chances of experiencing a dry hit. While the component is crucial for good vaping, too much can lead to rapid gunk deposit.  

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PG-based e-liquids typically cause less gunk deposit compared to VG-rich liquids. It is because the compound is thin and hence gets easily vaporized compared to VG dominant liquids. 

The best way to overcome this problem would be to avoid very high VG concentrations in your e-juice. A 50/50 VG/PG is the recommended standard to increase the lifespan of the coil. This way, you can continue to enjoy the niche flavors and potent throat hit of the e-liquid. 

Avoid Poorly Filtered Tobacco Liquids

NET e-liquids or Naturally Extracted Tobacco E-liquids are created to capture the complex flavors of tobacco efficiently to provide a realistic experience.  They do so by infusing the e-liquids with natural extracts of tobacco leaves. These liquids often create an ashtray taste while vaporizing. This is because the residual leaf particles that manage to make it to the liquid despite the filtering process are not suitable for vaporization. Instead, these particles burn at high temperatures and produce an uncomfortable taste, aroma, and form a crust on the coil as well. 

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Today several companies have advanced means of imitating the flavors of tobacco in their e-liquids without inducing leaf particles. You can switch to these e-juices to continue to enjoy your dose of nicotine. These liquids also carry a pleasant balance of nicotine and flavor that makes the vapors palatable. 


These simple tips can help reduce the intensity of gunk formation on the coil. Schedule a weekly clean up of your vape device to eliminate the layers that have formed. It will help you enjoy the versatile flavor palate of the e-juice without any odd taste and increase the coil's lifetime.  

Written By: Tammy Taylor 

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