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Things to Know About Traveling With Cannabis

Things to Know About Traveling With Cannabis

Marijuana legalization has now gained a lot of momentum. In fact, it would not be wrong to assert that it is now more of a global movement than anything else. Nations like Canada and Argentina are now at the forefront of this campaign and have already fully legalized weed. This is but the tip of the iceberg, and many nations are now well on their way towards the following suit. 

While it is certainly a good idea to conduct weed tourism by visiting these weed-friendly countries, you should remember that many restrictions apply, when it comes to transporting the stuff into and out of a country. This holds true even amongst those countries or even states where marijuana has already been decriminalized. Let us check out a few things about traveling with cannabis safely and securely: 

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Try to Fly

It is always better to fly into and out of a weed-friendly nation or state than to drive. You see once you get out of the place, cops might look at you with suspicion, especially if you are using your own transport. If they feel that they have 'just cause' they might even opt for a thorough search. If you are flying out, you would be better off transporting it in your carry baggage than in check-in luggage.  Few customs officers bother going through pill bottles and the like. 

Driving to your Destination with Cannabis 

You can, of course, drive to your desired destination with cannabis. But make sure the amount is enough for personal consumption. If you have dozens of kilos of the stuff in your car, it might lead to several awkward questions at the very least, even in a weed-friendly place.  Make sure it is sealed in a plastic pouch so that its telltale pungent odor is not easily discernible to any suspicious person. 

Cannabis on a Road Trip 

Many people are unsure about how safe it is to travel with cannabis on a road trip. However, consuming it purely for your own recreation purposes should not pose any issues in a pro-weed country. However, obtaining an international driving permit could certainly prove to be very helpful to drive in many weed-friendly countries abroad. This holds particularly true in states that have completely legalized weed production for recreation purposes. Not only will you be able to enjoy the culture and the heritage of your chosen vacation spot up close and personal, but you will also be able to enjoy a really mellow evening after a hectic day of sightseeing. 

When In Doubt- Always Check the Law of the Land 

Whenever you feel doubtful about a place or a law when it comes to traveling with cannabis, it is always a good idea to check up on the law first. You can utilize all available resources for this purpose, such as online travel forums, legal websites of that particular state, and other resources. If you are still doubtful, consult other fellow travelers who have already made similar trips. Alternatively, you can always try and visit the embassy of the country and ask them directly for information regarding traveling with cannabis. 

You have to do all of this before packing your cannabis. While it is certainly possible to travel with small quantities of weed across state and national borders, it is always better to consult the relevant authorities before planning your trip. This way, you will be able to travel with complete peace of mind, for the duration of your road trip. 

It is Ok to Carry Weed!

If you are traveling in a weed-friendly state, it is OK to get caught. The authorities are more interested in fighting crime and contraband, than recreational weed. That is what weed-friendly states are all about. However, be careful of the quantities you carry. If it is well over what you might need for personal consumption, it would be more than likely to raise a few eyebrows.


If you are traveling with cannabis in a weed-friendly state or country, you will not have much to worry about since it is legal. However, do check the law of the land before planning your trip.

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