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Tomorrow New Jersey Votes on Recreational Cannabis

Tomorrow New Jersey Votes on Recreational Cannabis

By Dalton Rosario

Progressive popular opinion advocating for recreational cannabis legislation is extending into New Jersey where there are currently 35,700 registered patients in their state sponsored medicinal cannabis program. Committees will be voting tomorrow Monday, November 26th for the expansion of their medical program along with legalization for recreational cannabis use for adults aged 21 and over as outlined in Bill S2703. The current momentum in the northeast supports popular opinion post midterm election in states like Michigan, Missouri and Utah which all voted in favor of cannabis legalization.

These markets represent central hubs in their respective regions, particularly in the emerging recreational market in the midwest, which collectively provides entry into parts of the country previously unsusceptible to cannabis legislation. South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas and Idaho currently have no legal access to cannabis, but time will tell how pressures of reformation from local investors and neighboring states will influence previously held beliefs of marijuana prohibition.

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