U.S. Cannabis Revenue Projections: Christmas Came Early This Year

By Dalton Rosario

Cannabis reformation has been soaring throughout our nation as public officials, social advocates and cannabis sympathizers are becoming more outspoken than ever. A number of states have begun mobilizing for 2019. Among these are Texas, Virginia, Nevada and Missouri. Policy reformations range from legalization for recreational adult use to regulation of hemp cultivation and penalty reductions for possession infringements. 

The Cannabis Industry Annual Report projects the growth of U.S. recreational and medical marijuana sales to top $10.82B in 2018 and reach as high as $13.38B by 2019. As markets continue to expand throughout the midwest and northeast corridor, it will become overwhelmingly difficult to argue the benefits of prohibition against the wave of legality sweeping the nation.   

Dalton Rosario
Dalton Rosario


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