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Virginia Takes A Great Step Forward With Weed

Virginia Takes A Great Step Forward With Weed

Virginia has become the 27th state to "decriminalize" cannabis possession. On Thursday, May 20th, just a month off of our favorite holiday, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam signed off on the legislation. 

What does this mean for Virginians? 

Beginning on July 1st, you can have weed on you, but be sure to keep down it to an ounce. If stopped with weed on your person and it is found, this will result in a summons, which is basically like a speeding ticket for weed possession.

These incidents will not be reported on your criminal record, but if you are in possession while driving, it can go on your driving record. Much like a speeding ticket, there is a fine associated, which is $25, but that beats the $500 fine plus 30-days jail time that is currently the penalty. 

While this isn't the best possible outcome, lives won't be ruined for having a little pot on their person. This is a great step forward for the state and we can only hope they continue to full legalization.  

Remember to be smart and be safe. 

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