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Water Pipes vs Dry Pipes

Water Pipes vs Dry Pipes

A large number of people who smoke cannabis today started smoking with a dry method of some type, your first was a spoon pipe, chillum, joint, blunt, etc. If you’re a regular smoker, you probably have a favorite method of consumption. Those who don’t smoke often tend to use joints and other dry methods, while those who smoke heavily (daily) will choose wet methods.

But, what makes dry and wet methods different from each other? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Let’s dive in and find out below.

The Benefits of Dry Pipes

Dry Pipes Are More Portable

The most portable form of dry smoking is the joint because all it requires is some rolling papers and some ground cannabis. This combination makes it easy to get rid of should you need to ditch your supplies at any time. Dry pipes such as glass spoon pipes or chillums are harder to dispose of, but they’re still extremely portable due to their pocket size.

Dry Pipes Are Easy To Clean

Dry pipes are less complicated to clean than bongs, largely because water bongs are much larger and usually have multiple pieces to them. When choosing a piece of smoking equipment, how much time do you want to dedicate to cleaning it? Bongs get nasty fast, but those who are dedicated to their usage swear that they’re worth it. You be the judge.

Dry Pipes Are Easy To Use

Dry pipes are also easier to use than wet pipes for the same reason: water pipes usually have detachable parts to them. Bongs and bubblers have a learning curve to get through before you’ll get all of the benefits of using one.

Dry Pipes Are Durable

Most dry pipes aren’t easily broken. If they’re made of metal instead of glass, it’s nearly impossible to break them. If you want something that you can carry around with you discreetly that isn’t too fragile, dry pipes are a decent choice.

Dry Pipes Are Cheap

If you know where to look, you can get a dry pipe at a gas station. They’re usually pretty cheap to acquire at places like that or headshops and the price can be $10-$40 or so depending on what you’re looking for.

Dry Pipes Are Easier To Dose With

If you don’t want to get too high, a dry pipe can help you control those effects. Taking a bong hit can surprise you with its over the top effects sometimes and once you’re there, well… you’re just there. Dry pipes are easier to take smaller hits with so you can more easily control how high you get.

But, it’s not all good news. The disadvantages of dry pipes are as follows.

The Disadvantages of Dry Pipes

Dry Pipes Produce Hot, Harsh Smoke

One of the biggest complaints that people have about dry pipes is that the smoke produced is hot and irritates the throat. If you smoke all the time, this is something that you’ll likely come to hate in the long term. The heat is even worse when you don’t have a filter on your pipe and you’re pulling hot ashes through and onto the back of your throat.

Dry Pipes Stink When Carried Around

If you’re trying to be discreet, but you’re carrying around a dirty pipe, it’s going to smell. If you don’t want to walk around smelling like weed, you’ll want to clean your pipe before going out and about with it. Having a smell proof carrying case of some kind can help with the smell of both the pipe and the weed, though, so getting one of those is a consideration.

The Benefits of Water Pipes

Water Pipes Produce Cool, Smooth Smoke

Because the smoke is forced to move through the water while you’re inhaling through the mouthpiece, the water is filtering much of the toxins out of it before it gets to you. All of the large pieces of ash and much of the tar ends up in the water and stuck in the glass interior instead of going straight into your lungs. It also cools the smoke down, so it doesn’t burn the back of your throat like a dry pipe does.

Water Pipes Are Highly Effective

Because you can intake more smoke at one time with a water pipe, a hit with it will get you higher than a dry pipe hit will. The amount of smoke you’re inhaling is significantly higher and because the smoke is cooler and smoother, you can hold it longer before your lungs force you to exhale it. You can get additional benefits by using ice-cold water, ice catchers, or even warm or hot water to change the effect of coughing. Most enjoy the cold effect to help limit coughing, but some prefer the warm water effect.

Water Pipes Offer More Variety

A water pipe offers much more in the way of variety and accessories than any dry method does. Water pipes have the following types of accessories available to customize your smoking experience:

Quartz bangers
Carb caps
… and more

If you’re more of a connoisseur type, having a collection of these items may be right up your alley. Dry pipes have only a couple of accessories that you can get for them, such as screens and filters.

Water Pipes Produce Less Odor

Dry pipes produce much more odor than water pipes do because of the controlled nature of the water bong chamber. The smoke comes out of the chamber when you’ purposefully inhale it through the mouthpiece. The odor of the smoke that emanates from the lit bowl is usually stronger than the odor of what you’re expelling after you’ve taken a hit because that smoke has been filtered. But, if you don’t clean your bong regularly, it’s going to smell, anyway.

The Disadvantages of Water Pipes

Water Pipes Can Be Big

Even though bubblers are small and can be similar in size to some dry pipes, when most people say “water pipe” they really mean “water bong”. Even the small types are too large to fit into your pocket and the large types aren’t really portable at all. The large ones are for home use only.

Water Pipes Aren’t Cheap

A good dry pipe tops out at around $40, while a good bong is usually between the $100 and $200 range. But don’t be fooled, because water bongs can cost significantly more than $200 depending on the brand and what it’s made of. There are some very high-end glass bongs out there that cost in excess of $10.000.00 each.

Water Pipes Take Longer To Use

There’s just more work involved in setting up to use a water bong for a smoke session compared to a pipe. Cleaning it if necessary, filling the chamber with water, loading the bowl, etc.

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